Get there faster: Agile development for greater value and impact 

Successful development of your data management with the certified experts of 4ALLPORTAL 

At the beginning, you know the least about a project and how requirements will evolve over time. It is simply impossible to predict, let alone control, the future. Intermediate stages and milestones in the development lead to questions and requests for changes, which can be time-consuming and costly.   

We rely on agile project management

Agile project development methods are the key to fast and efficient benefits. With 4ALLPORTAL you have a partner at your side who supports you on the way to your goal. 

In a nuthsell: Agile vs Waterfall 

Level of detail Low to medium Very detailed 
Flexibility High Low 
Time Required Medium High 
Cost Medium High 
User friendliness High, as the customer can provide regular feedback Low, as the customer is not involved in the development process 
Transparency High Low 
Risk & scalability Low, as requirements can be adapted on an ongoing basis  High, as requirements can change and the specifications are no longer up to date 
New insights into project success Continuous through 2-4 week sprints  Not or hardly possible  

Agile project management leads to greater flexibility, efficiency, user-friendliness and lower costs compared to waterfall and functional specifications.  

A wide range of functionalities thanks to professional support

The comprehensive solution from 4ALLPORTAL impressed us with its high usability and wide range of functionalities. We also appreciated the professional support provided by competent contacts. The selection of 4ALLPORTAL was strengthened by several factors, in particular GS1 compatibility, which was of crucial importance to us.

Pascal Panzer, Corporate Process Manager & Head of SAP

A project workflow with 4ALLPORTAL

The 4ALLPORTAL team will help you secure the benefits of your project! Our certified OKR and SCRUM experts will help you. 

Look how an agile project looks with 4ALLPORTAL

Your contact persons

We would be happy to discuss the agile implementation of new requirements for your 4ALLPORTAL in a personal meeting.