Create unique customer experiences, expand competitive advantages and reduce returns with the power of PIM & DAM. Manage product information and associated media and documents centrally and play them out automatically, for consistently high data quality and a measurably shorter time-to-market for new products.

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Features that our retail customers appreciate

Automate repetitive tasks across systems

4ALLPORTAL seamlessly integrates into your technology landscape and helps reduce manual efforts and cross-system error susceptibility across the entire organization.

1,000+ integrations

4ALLPORTAL enables centralized control of cross-channel third-party tools. Through the powerful RESTful API interface, data records can be seamlessly exported or internally enriched.


Our software combines DAM and PIM in one interface, opening up entirely new ways and perspectives for your teams in terms of content creation, publishing, performance, and data security.

Collaboration with trading partners

Our scalable user management brings together all key individuals in one place and enables agile collaboration on projects and products, without risks to data security or copyright infringement.

High-performance print output

Scale your team productivity and automate time-consuming tasks. With 4ALLPORTAL, you can generate technical data sheets or product catalogs at the touch of a button and receive printable PDFs in seconds.

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Improved product photo management

There were situations where truly excellent photos never made it to the printers because only a small percentage of the staff knew of their existence. For all of the above reasons, glaskoch began their quest for an appropriate digital asset management software. Their search led them to 4ALLPORTAL working out of Gütersloh.

Oliver Kleine
Managing Director , Leonardo