The 4ALLPORTAL enables intuitive and secure data management that can be used to process, archive and play out documents and media across all locations, even without prior experience or technical expertise.

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Features that our customers value as a healthcare system 

Automate repetitive tasks across systems

The 4ALLPORTAL integrates seamlessly into your technology landscape and helps to reduce manual effort and company-wide susceptibility to errors across all systems.

Supplier integration

Our scalable user management brings together all key individuals in one place and enables agile collaboration on projects and products, without taking risks with data security or copyright.

Sharing large files

Directly from 4ALLPORTAL, share up to 10,000 files via email with individuals of your choice — securely and in compliance with branding guidelines.

Automatic datasheets

Scale your team productivity and automate tasks. With 4ALLPORTAL, you can generate technical datasheets or product catalogs at the touch of a button and receive printable PDFs in seconds.

100% scalable

The 4ALLPORTAL continuously grows with your individual requirements, without causing typical growing pains or bottlenecks.

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Modularity and scalability

In short, we were impressed by the modularity and scalability with which you can work in the system.

Portrait von Siegfried Schneider
Siegfried Schneider
CMO, Red Dot Design