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With the help of a central database, you have met the individual requirements in the travel and hospitality industry. Keep track of images, videos, or documents and experience efficient collaboration with external partners. Our combination of DAM and PIM can be seamlessly integrated into your existing third-party systems to provide you with maximum security and flexibility.

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Features that our customers in the tourism industry appreciate

A DAM that grows with you

The DAM that adapts flexibly and individually to the diverse requirements of your industry.

Approval system

Clarity at a glance – with the clear approval system, you can immediately see which files are approved for editing and publication. This way, you don’t have to constantly inquire about the approval status of each individual file.


Are you looking for a specific file in a large amount of data? Metadata can help you with that. Add valuable descriptions to images, videos, events, or documents that can be captured by search filters, significantly reducing the search time.

Security thanks to On-Premise

When managing sensitive data, secure and centralized management is essential, and one would prefer not to rely on an external server. With the 4ALLPORTAL On-Premise solution, you host your database on your in-house server, thus retaining control over customer-specific data.

From DAM to Press Portal

The 4ALLPORTAL allows for efficient management, collaboration, and provision of files. Use eTickets to send unlimited data packages for download or viewing. Additionally, you can set up a closed area for authorized external users as a press portal, where files can be made available for download or viewing via self-service and the download history is documented.

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User-friendly excellence: Professional service and expert solutions

4ALLPORTAL help us structure our media data and manage it from a central location. The software is well-designed and very user-friendly, and the service was always professional. 4ALLPORTAL always had expert answers to our trickiest questions and problems. If we had to do it all again, we would still choose 4ALLPORTAL!”

Janine Blechschmidt
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