Maximum efficiency with PIM software

Reduce time-to-market by up to 50% and free up to 66% more resources for strategy and creativity. Automate workflows and keep product data up-to-date across all channels for greater customer satisfaction and revenue.


The 360° solution for product content syndication

By combining a PIM and DAM solution, 4ALLPORTAL manages not only product information, but also all related media and documents. With this integrated solution, marketing and sales teams can not only access comprehensive product information, but also all relevant files such as images, price lists, data sheets and much more. This increases efficiency and ensures a consistent product presentation across all channels. This holistic approach reduces time-to-market, improves the quality of marketing campaigns, and ultimately enhances the customer experience.

This is how the Power Combo PIM + DAM works together:

Medien und Produktdaten in einer Softwarelösung

Der Impact von 4ALLPORTAL

Centralized data enables good teamwork
Enjoy more time for strategy planning
Enjoy a faster time to market with 4ALLPORTAL PIM

Revolutionize your omnichannel marketing

  • Single Point of Truth

  • Print Automation

  • Workflow Automation

  • Hosting Options

100 % up-to-date data – available anytime, anywhere

Manually managing product information is time-consuming and error-prone. Collecting and consolidating data from multiple sources often leads to inconsistencies. Updating product information is tedious because it has to be done manually in different systems. With 4ALLPORTAL, you can ensure data consistency and quality for your products and offer your customers an optimal shopping experience across all sales channels.

Numerous integrations for ERP, CRM, shop systems:

Erweitere einen PIM mit Shopify
Product Information Management with 4ALLPORTAL

Catalogs at your fingertips

Creating large data sheets and product catalogs in Adobe InDesign® can take weeks, even for simple layouts. Changes to articles or layouts often require time-consuming manual adjustments on hundreds of pages. A more efficient solution offers our InDesign® plug-in in combination with our powerful print output. With this combination, catalogue content can be automatically created on the basis of a fixed layout – even in several languages.

Discover print automation integrations:

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Make your DAM and PIM more powerful and explore our Web-2-Print solutions

More satisfaction – less effort

Without a centralized system, it is difficult to keep track of the status of product information and ongoing projects. This can lead to inefficient workflows and missed deadlines. By implementing 4ALLPORTAL as a central point for your product data, your company can overcome these challenges. With automated workflows and consistent data management, 4ALLPORTAL helps your team to work more efficiently. For example, employees can easily search for the information they need to create a price list without wasting time on manual research. The seamless integration of data and workflows in 4ALLPORTAL facilitates the collaboration between different departments and enables tasks to be completed faster and more efficiently.

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On-premise or cloud

Our software is offered in two flexible deployment options to meet the individual needs of our customers. The on-premise version, where the software is hosted and operated on your servers and infrastructure, and the convenient cloud hosting option. In the case of cloud hosting, we take over the operation, maintenance and care of the 4ALLPORTAL instance(s) in our highly secure, TÜV-certified data center in Germany.

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A special feature of the 4ALLPORTAL DAM software: You can choose between on-premise or cloud On-Premise or Cloud

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Modularity and scalability

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