Efficiently manage your product data, create a consistent brand image, and ensure smooth collaboration with your production and distribution partners. Thanks to the combination of DAM and PIM. 

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Features that our customers value as manufacturers 

Maintain all different versions with one DAM
Easier cooperation
Automate many work steps with the mass change

Automate repetitive tasks across multiple systems

4ALLPORTAL seamlessly integrates into your technology landscape and helps reduce manual efforts and cross-system error susceptibility across the organization.

Perfectly integrated

Thanks to seamless integration into your existing systems (CMS, CRM), 4ALLPORTAL enables easy distribution and editing of data without the need to unnecessarily send content back and forth. This saves you valuable time and creates efficient workflows for your company.

Optimize Easy Search

Enhance file search and avoid lengthy and time-consuming search processes by tagging your data with valuable metadata and keywords. By using targeted tagging and search filters, you increase the efficiency of your search operations and quickly and effortlessly find the files you need.

Shorten Time-to-Market

Are delays in launching new products caused by tedious correction loops or unclear data management? With the help of 4ALLPORTAL, you can avoid repetitive processes and instead shorten the Time-to-Market.

Automated Workflows

With 4ALLPORTAL, you can effortlessly optimize everyday processes, from data capture to publication. Say goodbye to lengthy feedback processes and time-consuming discussions. Instead, increase data quality and ensure smooth workflows.

Improved product photo management

There were situations where truly excellent photos never made it to the printers because only a small percentage of the staff knew of their existence. For all of the above reasons, glaskoch began their quest for an appropriate digital asset management software. Their search led them to 4ALLPORTAL working out of Gütersloh.

Oliver Kleine
Managing Director , Leonardo