The efficient all-in-one solution for centralized data management and data-driven workflows.  

The 4ALLPORTAL offers you a sustainable single source of truth for master data, media and products that grows with your requirements. With the unbeatable combination of DAM and PIM, you get a high-performance hybrid that combines simplicity and dynamism.

The 360° solution for media, products and master data 

Traditional master data management (MDM) solutions often contain far more information than the average marketing or sales user needs, leading to user overload and bloated systems. This affects not only performance but also usability. In contrast, the 4ALLPORTAL focuses on the three most important components for marketing and sales activities: Media, Products and Master Data.

This is how the power hybrid of DAM and PIM works:

DAM und PIM in einer Software

The interaction between ERP and 4ALLPORTAL

How the 4ALLPORTAL DAM and PIM works with an ERP system

Rethinking Omnichannel Marketing

  • E-Commerce Automation

  • Print Automation

  • Workflow Automation

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SEO-ready for your store

E-commerce SEO is still one of the most important measures for online stores to attract buyers. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot of effort. For example, assigning SEO-friendly image titles and alt attributes, or creating web-ready images. With our standardized CMS integration, you can automate this work with just a few clicks and import your SEO-ready content directly into your CMS media library. 

Discover integrations for e-commerce automation:

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Erweitere einen PIM mit Shopify

Catalogues at your fingertips

Even simple layouts can take weeks to create in Adobe InDesign® for large datasheets and product catalogues. If changes are made to the article or layout, hundreds of pages may need to be manually updated. Our InDesign® plug-in combined with our powerful print extraction is a much more time-saving solution. Catalogue content can be automatically generated based on a fixed layout – even in multiple languages.

Discover integrations for print automation:

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Make your DAM and PIM more powerful and explore our Web-2-Print solutions

More time, less effort 

In marketing, there are many recurring tasks that you would like to automate because they simply fall into the “time wasting” category. Whether it is manually creating tickets, assigning tasks, or sending reminders for content feedback. With our workflow component, you can implement customized media and product workflows that will free you from these tasks in the future.

Save time with software approval workflows

On-premises or cloud? 

As one of the few DAM and PIM vendors, we will continue to offer an “on-premises” version of our software. This means “self-hosted” on your servers, using your own infrastructure. At the same time, you also have the option of using convenient cloud hosting. In other words, operation in our TÜV-certified high-performance data centre in Germany. In this case, we not only take care of the operation, but also the maintenance and servicing of the servers.

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A special feature of the 4ALLPORTAL DAM software: You can choose between on-premise or cloud On-Premise or Cloud

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Modularity and scalability

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