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Chili Publisher

Quite a few companies rely on the online document editor Chili Publisher to create layouts for advertising materials. In addition to the ease of use, these companies appreciate the ability to work with well-known elements like layers and color palettes. Another advantage is the use of templates to precisely control what changes a user is allowed to make. This allows a company to protect its brand identity — even when inexperienced users are working with the editor. Naturally, one would like to integrate Chili Publisher into existing workflows. And that applies to media file management too. This is where the Chili Publisher connector for 4ALLPORTAL DAM comes in. 

Chili Publisher integration for media asset management: smooth processes in marketing communication 

4ALLPORTAL DAM is the central source for all media assets, including photos, illustrations, logos and InDesign files. Thanks to the Chili Publisher integration, it is possible to exchange assets of this type between the two systems without any manual, intermediate steps. Another benefit of this integration is that, when files change in the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system, the intelligent Chili documents are automatically updated. The opposite path is possible too: the viewing of Chili documents from within the digital asset management software. 


  • Accelerated approval workflows 
  • Create high-quality, error-free marketing materials on the basis of DAM data 
  • High level of convenience for the user 
  • Significant simplification of your Web2Print processes