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With our centralised solution, you can optimise your data management in the technology industry and reliably protect your valuable information. Experience smooth digital collaboration within your team and maximise the efficiency of your workflows.

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How 4ALLPORTAL supports technology companies 

Find the last version of your asset

A DAM that grows with you

Facilitating Digital Collaboration

Does the hybrid collaboration with external and international teams often pose a challenge in your company? With 4ALLPORTAL, you not only manage your data centrally and up-to-date, but you also immediately recognize when and by whom a project was edited through editing histories and versioning.

Ensuring a Unified Brand Presence

Create a consistent brand identity by centrally managing your content, adapting it to your brand guide, and distributing it across all relevant platforms.

Managing Different File Types

From images to text elements to reporting documents – in 4ALLPORTAL, you can manage all the file types that you encounter daily in your company. Link related content or create collections to keep track of your data and shorten file search times.

A solid DAM system

Simple handling and intuitive operation. The functions offered are extensive and can be expanded as needed. With the help of the search filters and import keywording, specific files and images can be found more quickly. The ability to select the file type and size of the image before downloading so that you don’t have to adjust the size down later in photo editing software is incredibly practical.

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Pascal Monnerat
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