Adobe InDesign


Adobe InDesign

InDesign is the leading software for professional layout design and desktop publishing. It is developed and distributed by the company Adobe Inc. 

Using a digital asset management solution to manage Adobe InDesign layouts is, unfortunately, difficult without the right extension. Adobe imposes limitations on users when it comes to generating previews within the DAM user interface. 

The 4ALLPORTAL DAM Adobe InDesign plug-in automatically links images and illustrations with the target document 

To generate previews or thumbnails of an InDesign document, companies must generally rent their own InDesign server. But with our 4ALLPORTAL InDesign plug-in, these complications are a thing of the past. 

The Adobe InDesign connector for DAM developed by our team allows you to generate previews of your InDesign files and display the 4ALLPORTAL assets used in a document. 

Easily download Adobe InDesign files and links 

With the connector, all the images that were used in an Adobe InDesign document and are being managed in 4ALLPORTAL are linked together and clearly displayed to the user. Our DAM InDesign connector creates automatic links to these files, which allows you to easily navigate to used files and download them as a group when necessary. 


  • Show content and links as a tree diagram 
  • InDesign files and links shown even for users without write permission 
  • Fast download of entire InDesign documents possible, including links 
  • Export InDesign documents as printable PDF (including CMYK color profile)