The PIM for every company

modular, scalable, customized

As enterprise software, 4ALLPORTAL is tailored to the needs of your company.

Regardless of industry or company size: Tell us your requirements for efficient data management! Our experts plan an individual 4ALLPORTAL from modules, features and integrations and advise you in a short, non-binding meeting.

If everything fits, we will hand over your 4ALLPORTAL to you and your team in a second meeting, so that you can test it extensively for more than 30 days. This is 100% free of charge and without obligation!

To ensure that the software remains a reliable member of your team for years to come, we will provide you with a dedicated contact person from the very first contact.

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    • Individually authorized users

      Individually authorized users

      You are free to choose which roles and rights the users should have. 5 users are included in each plan.

    • Additional users

      Additional users

      Give more parties access to relevant media and information. You can flexibly adjust the number of users at any time




    • Unlimited users

      Unlimited users

      Add unlimited users and give everyone access to relevant media and information.



    • Consumer Role (unlimited Read-Only-User)

      Consumer Role (unlimited Read-Only-User)

      Add unlimited read-only users who are allowed to search, view, and download specific assets, but not edit them.

    • Flexible storage

      Flexible storage

      The 4ALLPORTAL offers you 25GB of storage space for your content by default. You can flexibly adjust your storage space at any time and expand it in 100GB packages.

    • Test and development systems

      Test and development systems

      Use an additional system hosted by us to develop and test individual functions. Each additional system can be hosted either on your own or on additional hardware.

    • System Synchronization Assistant

      System Synchronization Assistant

      With the System Synchronization Assistant you can easily transfer selected configurations and settings from a source system to a target system or vice versa, e.g. from a development system to the live system.

    • High availability through clustering

      High availability through clustering

      Run your 4ALLPORTAL on a cluster of connected servers to ensure maximum availability with optimal load balancing and failover.

    • Simple, intuitive and multilingual user interface

      Simple, intuitive and multilingual user interface

      4ALLPORTAL is easy to use, intuitive and multilingual, so you can easily introduce new and improved workflows without worry.

    • User, roles and rights management

      User, role and rights management

      Manage access to your assets through multi-layered and detailed user and role management

    • Customized metadata depending on type

      Customized metadata depending on type

      Maintain only relevant information on the asset using customized metadata templates for different data types such as images, videos, or others.


    • Dimensioned content (language, channel, etc.)

      Dimensioned content (language, channel, etc.)

      Manage multilingual, channel-dependent, or other dimensioned content centrally in one place.

    • Visual cues

      Visual cues

      Support the meaning of specific metadata with visual highlights such as icons.

    • User registration

      User registration

      User registration provides a guided and automated registration process where new users can easily register themselves and be validated by the administrator.



    • Custom workflows

      Custom workflows

      Automate recurring processes and tasks with individually defined approval, correction or reconciliation workflows.


    • Own objects/module

      Own objects/modules

      Manage your own objects in your own modules such as events, projects or text modules.



    • 4ALLPORTAL Marketplace

      4ALLPORTAL Marketplace

      Discover more 4Apps and extensions to optimize and customize your 4ALLPORTAL at any time

    • Branded Look and Feel

      Branded Look and Feel

      Customize 4ALLPORTAL to match your corporate design with your own logos, icons and colors for more brand identity and recognition.

    • Multiple individual brandings

      Multiple individual brandings

      Use different brandings for different user roles, e.g. for specific dealers, customers or partners.

    • Import data sets

      Import data sets

      Fill 4ALLPORTAL with content by importing CSV and Office files.

    • Automatic and guided import keywording

      Automatic and guided import keywording

      Define which asset information should be automatically set and which should be queried before uploading. Pre-keywording allows you to better and more easily ensure the quality of metadata.

    • Mass editing

      Mass editing

      For fast and effective editing of multiple assets, objects or other content, you can use the extensive mass editing features.

    • EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata reading u0026 writing

      EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata reading u0026 writing

      EXIF/IPTC/XMP data is automatically read, displayed on the asset, and can be modified and updated if necessary.

    • Automatic object recognition

      Automatic object recognition

      The 4ALLPORTAL automatically detects and tags objects on images using artificial intelligence



    • Automatic face recognition

      Automatic face recognition

      4ALLPORTAL automatically detects and tags faces and people on images using artificial intelligence.



    • Automatic text recognition

      Automatic text recognition

      4ALLPORTAL automatically recognizes, corrects and tags words and text on images using artificial intelligence.



    • Export data sets

      Export data sets

      Export assets, metadata and other objects to PDF, CSV or Office files

    • File conversion

      File conversion

      Automatically convert files to the desired output format for publishing, sharing, or downloading.

    • Share files via Live View

      Share files via Live View

      Share files with any number of recipients and give them a live view of the assets including shared metadata with eTicket. Use customization options such as download settings and validity period of shared access.

    • Share files via download link

      Share files via download link

      Share files with any number of recipients directly as a download link and use customization options such as download settings and validity period of the shared link.

    • Image editing

      Image editing

      Rotate, flip, crop, adjust resolution: Edit images directly in 4ALLPORTAL without additional software.

    • Video editing

      Video editing

      Edit and cut videos directly in 4ALLPORTAL without additional software.

    • Individual search masks

      Individual search masks

      Provide users with appropriate search options to help them find desired content faster and more efficiently.

    • Save and share filters

      Save and share filters

      Use saved filters to automate recurring searches. They can be shared with colleagues in a library, making them accessible to everyone.

    • Reference content

      Reference content

      Create two-way references between related content, such as between files and contacts (cross-module), for better organization of your data.

    • Duplicate check

      Duplicate check

      Use the duplicate checker to find redundant records and consolidate or eliminate them.

    • Thesaurus


      Maintain any number of synonyms for a keyword, so that all assets tagged with this term can also be found automatically under the synonyms in a targeted and fast manner.




    • Full text search

      Full text search

      Quickly and easily search documents for specific text content.

    • Color search

      Color search

      With the color search you can find images based on color characters for mood images for example. The 4ALLPORTAL analyzes the colors and stores them as metadata on the image.

    • Evolution tree

      Evolution tree

      Variants of certain assets are automatically displayed and referenced in the evolution tree, so you can always find connected assets quickly.

    • Favorites and history

      Favorites and history

      Mark content as a favorite, for example, if you frequently work with the same assets and want to access them more quickly. Or use the history of recently viewed assets to quickly jump to the appropriate record.

    • Individual metadata attributes

      Individual metadata attributes

      Provide appropriate metadata to different user roles so they can access only metadata that is relevant to them.

    • Image comparison tool

      Image comparison tool

      Use pixel-based image comparison to quickly highlight visual differences between two images or versions.

    • Version control

      Version control

      Version your content so that it always uses the most recent and approved version. Previous versions are automatically recorded in the history, can be directly compared and restored if necessary.

    • Change history and audit

      Change history and audit

      The change history logs relevant changes to content metadata, providing you with optimal tracking of user actions.

    • Manage usage

      Manage usage

      Manage the correct usage of an asset directly on the record, automatically ensuring acceptable usage. The status of usage is visually highlighted, so you can quickly see which assets you are allowed to use.

    • Manage licensing and usage rights

      Manage licensing and usage rights

      Correct use of an asset for which licenses or usage rights have been acquired from third parties (e.g. for stock material, people images) can be easily ensured by keeping relevant information on the asset in 4ALLPORTAL.


    • Digital watermarking for files

      Digital watermarking for files

      Protect your creative property and add a digital watermark to each file before sharing with colleagues or clients

    • Shared collections

      Shared collections

      Collect assets into collections, invite all stakeholders and collaborate on the files.

    • Tasks management

      Tasks management

      You can easily manage to-dos in 4ALLPORTAL with all the information and files needed for them, and work through them better.

    • Approval management

      Approval management

      Manage approvals, reviews, corrections or feedback processes in 4ALLPORTAL using mark-up tools to place visual annotations directly on files.



    • Mark assets (colors, stars, hints)

      Mark assets (colors, stars, hints)

      Mark and organize your files with colors, stars or with hints for other users.

    • Management contact details

      Management contact details

      Find all important contact information on your content, such as people featured in images or responsible for the content, or related companies such as customers, partners or service providers.

    • Projectmanagement


      Project data is automatically recorded at the assets and an improved folder structure simplifies the management of projects directly at the assets.



    • Textmanagement


      Maintain recurring texts, such as recipes, FAQs, instructions for use, ingredients, etc. directly on the product.



    • Collaboration Workflows

      Collaboration Workflows

      The Collaboration Workflow module allows you to work in a common place, which makes the coordination process faster and easier and creates clear responsibilities.




    • Images


      The 4ALLPORTAL supports over 1000 different file formats and automatically creates previews so that all users can view images directly without any additional program.

    • Video


      The 4ALLPORTAL supports over 1000 different file formats and automatically creates previews so that all users can directly view and play videos without any additional program.

    • Audio


      The 4ALLPORTAL supports over 1000 different file formats, so that all users can play audio files directly without an additional program.

    • Document


      The 4ALLPORTAL supports over 1000 different file formats and automatically creates previews so that all users can directly view and browse documents without any additional program.

    • 3D


      The 4ALLPORTAL automatically creates dynamic previews for 3D objects, so that all users can view 3D files without any additional program.

    • Others


      The 4ALLPORTAL also supports various CAD, archive, font, table formats and others. Contact us for more information.

    • Realtime Analytics Dashboard (BETA)

      Realtime Analytics Dashboard (BETA)

      Get valuable insights into the usage and performance of your content: The realtime dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of traffic and usage of the 4ALLPORTAL and included content for optimal KPI evaluations!

    • Media activity

      Media activity

      Track the activity and performance of your assets by having 4ALLPORTAL automatically track when an asset was downloaded, by whom, in what quality, and with whom.

    • Reporting


      Reporting gives you extensive possibilities to output any data from 4ALLPORTAL in an aggregated, automated and flexible way. For example, you can be regularly informed by email about relevant data statuses and developments such as content performance, active users and metadata quality.


    • Predefined exports

      Predefined exports

      Easily generate predefined PDF overviews of selected assets with thumbnails and prepared metadata.

    • Individual exports

      Individual exports

      Define your own exports with individual layouts and metadata for overviews in various formats like Excel, CSV, HTML etc.

    • Prominence factor

      Prominence factor

      Downloads, shared content, edits, and versions indicate how popular an asset is.

    • RESTful API

      RESTful API

      The RESTful API offers you optimal conditions to connect 4ALLPORTAL to existing third party systems. Maximize the benefit of all systems in your IT landscape and increase the efficiency of your processes.

    • Active Directory (AD) / Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

      Active Directory (AD) / Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS)

      With the AD/ADFS Connector you enable users to easily authenticate via existing systems. 4ALLPORTAL can be connected to one or more directory services and automatically assigns roles to users.

    • SAML / LDAP

      SAML / LDAP

      With the SAML/LDAP Connector you enable users to easily authenticate via existing systems. The 4ALLPORTAL can be connected to one or more directory services and automatically assigns roles to users.

    • Secure DMZ Adapter

      Secure DMZ Adapter

      The Secure DMZ Adapter serves as a proxy for a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), analyzing requests from an external network to the 4ALLPORTAL and forwarding or blocking them to the internal network.



    • Desktop Integration

      Desktop Integration

      Use desktop integration to get the most out of your assets - no matter what application you're using! Simply drag and drop the file into an application, such as one in Adobe Creative Cloud, or open it automatically in the default application.

    • InDesign extension

      InDesign extension

      The InDesign extension automatically creates previews for your InDesign files, so that all users can view the file even without an Adobe license. Links are created between the document and the assets used in it, displayed and repaired if necessary.

    • PowerPoint Plugin

      PowerPoint Plugin

      Easily create PowerPoint presentations with matching content from your media database. Use images, videos, whole templates or other assets from 4ALLPORTAL without leaving the application. Used assets are automatically linked to the main document and updated when changed.




    • Chili Publisher Integration

      Chili Publisher Integration

      The Connector connects the online document editor with your 4ALLPORTAL to easily populate layouts and templates from Chili Publisher with the appropriate photos, graphics and logos from the media database to efficiently create promotional materials.



    • priint:suite Connector

      priint:suite Connector

      The Connector connects the publishing platform with your 4ALLPORTAL to automatically create extensive product catalogs with priint:suite. This allows you to use a variety of product information, assets and other content more efficiently and reduces the error rate in catalog production.



    • TYPO3 Connector

      TYPO3 Connector

      With the TYPO3 Connector you can use assets and content from the 4ALLPORTAL without effort and detours in TYPO3 and place them on your website and store. Keep control over your content at any time and manage the usage centrally from 4ALLPORTAL.




    • Atrify Connector

      Atrify Connector

      Use the Atrify Connector to seamlessly transfer data between Atrify and 4ALLPORTAL DAM.

    • WordPress Connector

      WordPress Connector

      With the WordPress Connector you can use assets and content from the 4ALLPORTAL without effort and detours in WordPress and place them on your website and store. Keep control over your content at any time and manage the usage centrally from the 4ALLPORTAL.




    • Drupal Connector

      Drupal Connector

      With the Drupal Connector you can use assets and content from 4ALLPORTAL without effort and detours in Drupal and place them on your website and store. Keep control over your content at any time and manage the usage centrally from 4ALLPORTAL.




    • Other integrations

      Other integrations

      4ALLPORTAL offers many other integrations that make your daily work easier




    • Social Media Connector

      Social Media Connector

      The Social Media Connector facilitates the management and publication of content on various social networks through direct integration with 4ALLPORTAL DAM.

    • Online Documentation and Help

      Online Documentation and Help

      The online documentation is available to all users at any time, explaining new features and how they work. So everybody can inform himself about the possibilities of the 4ALLPORTAL!

    • Community Support

      Community Support

      In our exclusive community you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of other 4ALLPORTAL users and partners: Get information in existing topics or ask your own questions about settings, configurations and functions!

    • Online API Try-it-out

      Online API Try-it-out

      We provide online API documentation where extensive information on connecting to third party systems via the API can be found.

    • Servicedesk Support

      Servicedesk Support

      If you have technical problems or questions, our support is always available.

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The Success of our Customers

  • Pascal Monnerat

    Media Consultant

    For us the 4ALLPORTAL was the first and right choice from the beginning. The team of developers can get a lot done in a short time and without complications.

  • Matthias Annaheim

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Working with 4ALLPORTAL was extremely straightforward and the system was installed amazingly quickly. With the help of training courses, video tutorials and manuals, and thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, the 4ALLPORTAL DAM was very quickly and positively received by our employees. For us, the investment has paid off enormously: our company employees spend about 50 percent less time searching for the right assets. We will achieve our return on investment – calculated very conservatively – after no more than two years.

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  • Matthew Patulski

    Project Manager

    At the end of the day I was most impressed by the software's flexible customization options. They really helped me to optimize my workflows.

  • Janine Blechschmidt

    Project Management Advertisement

    4ALLPORTAL help us structure our media data and manage it from a central location. The software is well-designed and very user-friendly, and the service was always professional. 4ALLPORTAL always had expert answers to our trickiest questions and problems. If we had to do it all again, we would still choose 4ALLPORTAL!”

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  • James Gabele

    Account Executive

    The 4APPs also enable us as 4ALLPORTAL partners to easily integrate a 4APP into the Digital Asset Management or to install a Product Information Management. Simply great!

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