Manage all your brand data and offer your individual marketing materials via self-service. In BrandShop, employees and third parties create their own materials online in your corporate design in just a few clicks – without any special design knowledge.

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Easy Brand Management

Brandbook, logo files and smart templates: ensure a consistent brand image by centrally managing and issuing your brand data. Your employees use templates to create marketing materials that comply with your CI guidelines. More than one brand: the brand module of the 4ALLPORTAL lets you manage unlimited brands, adapted to your brand strategy.

Creative Automation with BrandShop

The BrandShop module of the 4ALLPORTAL automatically creates marketing materials for you. The web shop features smart templates, which can be edited using the data from your DAM and PIM systems. In just a few clicks, you can create business cards, printed ads, product packaging, and more.

  • Cloud vs. On-Premise

    Use the 4ALLPORTAL DAM software according to your company’s requirements either in the cloud or on-premise on your own server. Save resources and leave the operation to 4ALLPORTAL or run the system on your own servers if required.

  • Extremely configurable

    The 4ALLPORTAL offers a solid basis with a wide range of extension and configuration options.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Numerous modules and connectors offer a high degree of customizability of the software to make your very individual workflows as efficient as possible.

How the BrandShop works

The BrandShop is a closed web shop that only selected people can access – you, your employees, partners, and service providers.

Brand Management in the DAM System

The brand module is a central hub for all brand-specific information, files and templates. Every employee knows exactly where to find all your brand data and suitable templates to create CI-compliant materials.

Smart Templates: easily create templates

Your marketing team creates smart templates for all publishing channels via a third-party system. You can use various templates from providers such as CHILI publish, or create your own templates from scratch.

Managing DAM & PIM data for Smart Templates in hyper-speed dynamic promotions

Dominic Vieregge, Sales and Marketing Director at 4ALLPORTAL together with Gerd Van Gils, Account Executive at CHILI publish will show how you can leverage Smart Templates combined with PIM/DAM data to automate digital and print output creation.

Edit templates online

A smart template is similar to a layout template with placeholders, which is edited online in the BrandShop. The smart template adapts to the publishing format based on the defined design. Meanwhile, the 4ALLPORTAL serves as a database and provides the files and content to fill in the smart template. What’s special about it: only completed and approved data and files are available on the 4ALLPORTAL.

Web-to-print: Send print orders directly

After editing the smart template, the BrandShop automatically creates the print-ready file, which you can send directly from your web shop to your chosen printing company. You can use your preferred shop system, such as Magento or Shopware.

The smart template has already been coordinated with the printing company and only the approved layout elements can be edited. Accordingly, there is no need for additional approvals and the file can go directly to print.

In a nutshell: Brand management on the 4ALLPORTAL


    Every letter, every flyer, every presentation: Thanks to the central management of your brand data and smart templates, all your marketing and sales materials are consistent with your corporate design.


    Your sales staff and partners can simply order their own materials in the BrandShop. The intuitive smart templates can be edited without any design knowledge.


    When editing smart templates in your BrandShop, you always get the latest data from the 4ALLPORTAL. Only approved images and files are made available for use. Changes made on the 4ALLPORTAL are immediately available in the BrandShop.


    Our BrandShop 3D Simulator visualizes your advertising material directly in your chosen environment or shows the new product packaging on the simulated product.


    With only one data set, e.g. a product, you get unlimited smart templates to work with. In just a few seconds, you can create the media files for all your publishing channels, such as social media posts, Amazon Marketplace, Google Ads, flyers, mailshots, newsletters, your online shop, and more.


    Only the approved elements of the smart template can be edited. For example, you can select individual products for a flyer and replace the details, such as the product image, price and description, via drag and drop.

The most important benefits of the brand module

Easily manage your assets

As an extension of the DAM system, the brand module provides the same practical functions, such as task management, approvals and visual corrections. The DAM handles smart templates like any other asset and, likewise, creates versioning, a usage history or an evolution tree. This makes the creation process of the smart template just as quick, efficient and transparent.

Create individual marketing materials online

Create your printable marketing materials with your 4ALLPORTAL, quickly, easily and directly in your browser – without any additional design programs or licenses. Simply adapt the smart templates to your needs, just like in any conventional print-on-demand shop. While doing so, the corporate design specifications are firmly defined and cannot be edited. Images, information and text modules can be pulled directly from 4ALLPORTAL, where only approved data is available for use.

Scale up your marketing and sales

Scale up via sales partners and provide your partners with all your marketing materials via self-service. The freely configurable roles concept grants third parties controlled access to the relevant data and files.

By connecting the 4ALLPORTAL to CMS and shop systems and using smart templates, you can automate the maintenance of individual pages and ensure that the latest data is used. The 4ALLPORTAL allows you to automate many of the work steps involved in sales and marketing, and thus scale up your processes.

A system for today and tomorrow

The brand module lets you manage an unlimited number of brands, making it suitable for use by marketing agencies or large, growing companies. There is no limit to what you can do with the 4ALLPORTAL; an entire team of developers and an international network of partners is working to further develop and optimize the software and create more connection options, every single day. As a result, the 4ALLPORTAL meets all your individual requirement today and is already developing to meet them tomorrow.

Modularity and scalability

In short, we were impressed by the modularity and scalability with which you can work in the system.

Portrait von  Siegfried Schneider | Red Dot Design
Siegfried Schneider
CMO | Red Dot Design
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One DAM/MAM and many possibilities

Especially with the update to version 3.x, the interface is intuitive, simple and tidy. The system is easy to operate and administer. We use the system for a wholesaler in the organic/food sector to keep all product images for different output channels. The 4AllPortal feeds different systems with the assets and also serves as support for the production of fortnightly advertising.

Christian Lutz
Head of Portal Operations | Mediengruppe Oberfranken
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A solid DAM system

Simple handling and intuitive operation. The functions offered are extensive and can be expanded as needed. With the help of the search filters and import keywording, specific files and images can be found more quickly. The ability to select the file type and size of the image before downloading so that you don't have to adjust the size down later in photo editing software is incredibly practical.

Portrait von  Pascal Monnerat | Click it
Pascal Monnerat
Media Consultant | Click it
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Best PIM/MAM system on the market

The 4ALLPORTAL is built on a clean system architecture that allows the system to be configured and extended according to your own requirements, while ensuring stability and performance. It is the only PIM system that has a detailed, role-, class- and device-specific UI to configure. It also integrates well via the REST API. Even complex automations are easily possible via Java Spring technology.

Portrait von  Hendrik Edzards | PIMWORKS
Hendrik Edzards
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Optimization for efficient workflows

At the end of the day I was most impressed by the software's flexible customization options. They really helped me to optimize my workflows.

Matthew Patulski
Project Manager | Cyan Gate

Claudia Pavković

Marketing Development Representative

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