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Simplify the Digital Management of your images, videos, audio files, and documents. 

  • Cloud vs. On-Premise

    Use the 4ALLPORTAL DAM software according to your company’s requirements either in the cloud or on-premise on your own server. Save resources and leave the operation to 4ALLPORTAL or run the system on your own servers if required.

  • Flexible License Model

    With our flexible licensing model, you use the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system according to the number of users or completely user-independently. If you grow, the system grows with you. More storage space, additional modules and functions can be added at any time.

  • Certified Server

    The 4ALLPORTAL data center is located in Germany and is audited by the Technical Inspection Agency. Our servers meet all legal requirements and comply with the ISO standard for information and IT environment security for data backup.

The main benefits of the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system for your media management

The 4ALLPORTAL relies on centralization in media management to create a single place for all your digital assets. The place where every user and department can find files on their own. The place where you have full control over your files and all your third party systems are connected. And the place where previews of all possible formats are available without relying on individual editing systems.

4ALLPORTAL as a central point of contact in the company

4ALLPORTAL DAM software is your single point of truth. Store all your important assets, such as images, videos and documents in one central location and avoid duplicate data storage in different locations. It creates a single point of contact that all departments and third-party systems access as a reference for up-to-date and complete files and content in the digital asset management system.

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Find your assets fast

The powerful search functions of our data management software help you find the files you need faster. Through tagging, you can store descriptions and keywords for individual files, which you can use for targeted searches. Use advanced search criteria such as file type, release status and intended use in 4ALLPORTAL instead of being limited to file names.  

Full text search and OCR text recognition

Find documents faster: Use the full text search to search your document stock for specific records, text modules or phrases. But images can also contain text, such as handwritten notes, brand names, or labels. The optional OCR text recognition also makes this information searchable by capturing the text content on image files. With these functions, the 4ALLPORTAL DAM software enables all roles in the company to access the media pool and thus your knowledge base, and to obtain searched files independently. 

Better collaboration with internal and external parties

Provide all required files and information to all involved parties. For external groups such as customers or agencies, set up separate roles in the DAM or offer a temporary live view of the files as well as download packages.

For better collaboration, our DAM software has additional features such as task management. Create tasks and deadlines and assign them including all relevant information and files to one person. This gives everyone an overview of which tasks are linked to which file.

Connection of your third-party systems to the 4ALLPORTAL DAM software

Use the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system as a central control and distribution point for all your images, videos and documents. To do this, it fits perfectly into your IT system landscape. How? The RESTful API enables seamless exchange of data into any third-party system. In addition, the 4ALLPORTAL offers you a large number of integrations with which you can easily connect systems such as TYPO3 and SAP and use the DAM software as a central file archive. Merge digital assets or information from your third-party systems in the DAM solution and pass the enriched assets to a CMS, such as WordPress, for publishing.

Cover of Daming Crucial Healthcare Assets and Data

Assets and data in the healthcare sector

Data protection is an important issue, especially in the healthcare sector. In this guide you will learn more about the advantages of DAM and PIM in the healthcare sector.

One app for files of all formats

4ALLPORTAL software makes it easy for you to create and edit digital assets of any format using the desktop app. From here, a file is opened directly in the native editing program. No matter what format or program, 4ALLPORTAL allows you to start editing right away.
Save yourself from installing countless plugins to access your media archive from programs. Instead, use the desktop app and drag and drop files you need directly into an application program such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Microsoft Office.

The right format at any time

With 4ALLPORTAL, you distribute and publish your content to the desired channels with just a few clicks. To ensure that the requesting and receiving systems also receive the files in the correct formats, leave it to the DAM software to automatically convert the original file for the respective channels - such as your website or social media platforms.

DAM software customized to your needs

Standard or individual: 4ALLPORTAL DAM software can do both. Customize the standard of the platform to your needs and create a familiar environment for your employees. From your branding and corporate colors to customized search criteria for a more targeted search according to role. The system's interface and user experience is fully customizable if needed.

Full control over all changes to your assets

Usually, several people are involved in the creation of good content. Our data management software makes it easy to keep an eye on every change status. Changes and versions are automatically tracked as they are edited. The system automatically updates new versions at all connected points. Older versions remain available for comparison between new and old and can be restored in just a few clicks. If you have any queries about changes made, exports or imports of an asset, you receive information about the entire asset lifecycle. You create transparency and maintain full control over the distribution of up-to-date content.

Correct and safe use of your files

Not everyone can or should see, edit or share all content. Use the Digital Asset Management software's multi-level role management to define which departments have access to specific files, information, or even metadata and data fields. This way, each role always works with the content that falls within their scope of responsibility and finds files they are looking for much faster. 

Protect and manage licenses and third-party rights

If you are using licensed content, such as stock material, there are licensing conditions to be considered in order to prevent copyright violations. Even personal images such as employee photos are subject to terms of use, usually in the form of signed consent forms. With the help of the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system, you can store usage rights for each asset, such as limitations or license expiration dates. The system secures for you that users also use the assets correctly in the sense of the usage rights. You therefore ensure the correct use of purchased media and images of people, protecting you and your employees from non-compliance.

4ALLPORTAL DAM with optional PIM

Are you also looking for a solution to manage all your product data and enrich it with digital content? No problem - connect the 4ALLPORTAL PIM system as an additional module and use it together with the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system in one interface.

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the success of our customers

  • Oliver Kleine

    Managing Director

    There were situations where truly excellent photos never made it to the printers because only a small percentage of the staff knew of their existence. For all of the above reasons, glaskoch began their quest for an appropriate digital asset management software. Their search led them to 4ALLPORTAL working out of Gütersloh.

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  • Matthias Steggemann


    With a so-called ‘e-ticket’, we can make selected assets available to customers in multiple formats and for a limited period of time. For us, it is important that our customers don’t have direct access to our media database

    Read more
  • Matthew Patulski

    Project Manager

    At the end of the day I was most impressed by the software's flexible customization options. They really helped me to optimize my workflows.

  • Jeannine Walser

    Information Systems Manager for Digital Workplace and Collaboration

    In the past, people stored a RAW format on their PC, developed a TIFF or PSD from that, then stored that on the server. But people also sometimes kept the RAW file, made a JPEG out of it, and then stored the RAW, the JPEG and the TIFF. Now there is only one original, which can be downloaded in various formats using download profiles.

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  • Raymond Jackson

    Project Manager

    We have already received a great deal of positive feedback on the 4ALLPORTAL DAM: Our in-house colleagues praise the system thanks to the great user experience and seeing their actual workload reduce. Our marketing and graphics department alone saves about 20% time since data can now be found quickly by colleagues thanks to the excellent search function. As a result, the phone rings less and fewer support queries are landing in inboxes. And local dealers and window manufacturers are also just as enthusiastic: Finally, there’s no need to constantly send e-mails back and forth, and they can find their assets in a modern system.

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  • Matthias Wiediger

    Project Manager

    For us, this is tantamount to a quantum leap in our workflows: Inefficiently handling assets and metadata cost us a great deal of time and caused no end of stress. That is now a thing of the past since combining 4ALLPORTAL and the programming software. When you consider how central the topic of image data management has become for TV broadcasters and that we are now able to cut our working time by around 30% in this regard, we have taken a huge step forward in digitization.

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  • Anne Mette Alfken

    Responsible for maintaining the Online Shops

    It might take me fifteen minutes if I'm demonstrating the functions to someone. Otherwise, the only thing that helps is trying things out and asking questions. If we ever have questions, we get straightforward help. They're very nice and quite patient.

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  • Katrin Meiners

    Senior Project Manager

    Rights sharing has also become much more efficient with 4ALLPORTAL. The same is true for agency access. Now we can quickly exchange assets with people outside the system. And we now have much closer collaboration with agencies and external retouchers.”

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  • Dominic Brezinski

    Head of CEWE MediaAssets

    I have a feeling that there is a willingness to work together long term on both sides. 4ALLPORTAL is not a provider that tells you to submit a ticket when you have a problem, and then takes three days to handle it because nobody cares.

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  • Janine Blechschmidt

    Project Management Advertisement

    4ALLPORTAL help us structure our media data and manage it from a central location. The software is well-designed and very user-friendly, and the service was always professional. 4ALLPORTAL always had expert answers to our trickiest questions and problems. If we had to do it all again, we would still choose 4ALLPORTAL!”

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  • Sven Feurer

    Brand Manager

    We were looking for a product that’s fast, can be connected directly to InDesign and isn’t licensed per user. That’s exactly what we found in 4ALLPORTAL and the DAM module from 4ALLPORTAL. It was also important for us to establish good contact with the provider, so that our product feedback would be taken on board and we’d be treated as more than a number. We found this and more in 4ALLPORTAL.

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  • Pascal Monnerat

    Media Consultant

    For us the 4ALLPORTAL was the first and right choice from the beginning. The team of developers can get a lot done in a short time and without complications.

  • Matthias Annaheim

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Working with 4ALLPORTAL was extremely straightforward and the system was installed amazingly quickly. With the help of training courses, video tutorials and manuals, and thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, the 4ALLPORTAL DAM was very quickly and positively received by our employees. For us, the investment has paid off enormously: our company employees spend about 50 percent less time searching for the right assets. We will achieve our return on investment – calculated very conservatively – after no more than two years.

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  • Ines Schwender

    Team Manager Advertisement

    With 4ALLPORTAL and the digital asset management module, we finally have a central system that can be accessed by different departments as a data source. This allows us to maintain consistency in our use of image materials—guaranteed. As a result, 4ALLPORTAL is an essential part of our workflow today. In 4ALLPORTAL, we’ve also found a partner with an in-depth understanding of our processes and a partner who offers dependable support.”

  • Helen Kamender

    Marketing Manager

    We have found with the 4ALLPORTAL DAM much more than just a system to structure our flood of data: in addition to data administration and file management, we now also handle the majority of our work processes and the associated communication via one central system. In addition, we have integrated a great feature with the full text search, which literally lets us find the needle in the text haystack!”

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Claudia Pavkovic

Marketing Development Representative

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With our expert Claudia

Frequently asked questions

Digital Asset Management (DAM) encompasses all processes related to the management of digital assets. These range from content creation to publishing and archiving.

Digital assets are digitally stored content that holds a particular value for the company. In other words, they are digital items of value. The most common assets include photos, videos, audio files, and text.

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management, and PIM stands for Product Information Management. Both involve the central management of content. DAM deals with digital assets, such as photos and videos. PIM deals primarily with product-related information. Often, DAM providers also offer PIM solutions.

Check out our blog "DAM vs. PIM"

Digital Asset Management (DAM) simplifies many of the processes involved in storing, managing, and distributing your digital content. Functions such as automatic keyword creation, meta data, filesharing, or task management make DAM a comprehensive solution for the handling of large data quantities.

The main task of Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is to maintain digital assets. A Digital Asset Management system ensures that all the valuable content in your company is stored in one central location, accompanied by essential meta data, and prepared for correct use.