4ALLPORTALs technical Benefits

Always one step ahead

Data centers located outside Europe, updates that take an eternity to be released, constant bugs: software that looks innovative at first can end up causing you a lot of headaches. You’re better off relying on a company with long experience in software development and that knows how to precisely addresses customer needs and requirements.

Servers located in Germany ensure maximum data security

If you choose the DAM or PIM solution in the cloud, we host the software as well as all data on a German, TÜV-certified server. This ensures you maximum data security and the best possible adherence to your compliance specifications.

Continuous Integration

4ALLPORTAL software developers use a state-of-the-art method of application development: continuous integration. With this method, multiple developers can work on different features at the same time without causing significant code conflicts when merging their code. Each code change is first adequately reviewed and tested in the automation process before being merged into a common repository.

How this benefits you:

Traditional methods for merging simultaneous code changes from multiple developers are highly time-consuming and error-prone. This often leads to time delays for bug fixes and new updates. Our modern approach enables us to process new updates more quickly,with far fewer errors.

Fewer bugs

A trained team of software testers checks our system for bugs after each update, so errors are eliminated before updates get released.

Our software testers also perform sufficient mass testing to ensure there are no obstacles to working with large amounts of data.

Roadmap to continuous development

We launched our 4ALLPORTAL in 2001 and our DAM is now one of Europe’s market leaders. We owe this first and foremost to continuous development and updates that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. You can view the current development status of updates and new planned features at any time in our roadmap. We use new requests from customers and partners to guide our development of connectors to third-party systems that help you work even smarter and more efficiently. Then we add these to our roadmap – leading us to even better software.

Come to us with your ownspecific requirements and we will find a solution.

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