Over the years, the enterprise resource planning system of the company SAP from the German state of Baden-Württemberg has become the leading ERP software in the market, and the company is now the fourth-largest software maker in the world in terms of sales.

So it is no surprise that the demand for a digital asset management plug-in for SAP is greater than ever. Accordingly, we have developed an SAP connector for our 4ALLPORTAL DAM system.

With the SAP connector for DAM, you can automate data maintenance in your media database

Tagging assets with metadata can be a time-consuming undertaking in the world of media databases. Especially if you want to keep hundreds of product data fields from your own ERP system up-to-date.

To allow you to streamline this process and reduce the effort involved by up to 90 percent, we have developed an SAP connector for DAM systems. Through intelligent interfaces, maintenance activities in your digital asset management (DAM) solution can be almost completely automated.

You save a tremendous amount of time with the digital asset management SAP connector

To extract product-related information from your SAP system and use it to update asset fields in the 4ALLPORTAL DAM solution, all you have to do is fill out a “trigger” field in the DAM system. As a rule, this is the unique product code. When this field is tagged, it becomes the trigger for the SAP connector.

Our DAM SAP connector detects that there is additional information associated with this product code, and it then synchronizes all the other metadata fields in the DAM with the

product record in SAP. After that, all the relevant metadata fields are filled entirely automatically.


  • Tagging of large numbers of metadata fields in the DAM system in seconds
  • High data quality thanks to the intelligent interface between the DAM system and SAP
  • Can be configured according to your individual requirements and workflows
  • SAP connector allows a delta check with the data in the DAM system (SAP is the controlling data source at all times)