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CHILI publish: Pioneering Creative Automation for Over a Decade

Since 2010, CHILI publish has been redefining the way creatives operate. Our mission is clear: we exist to empower the NEW CREATIVES. These are the Creative minds partnering with major brands, agencies, and retailers facing the everyday challenge to consistently deliver high-quality output, quickly and more efficiently. To achieve this, we introduced CHILI GraFx, our cutting-edge SaaS platform solution, focusing on two core use cases:

  • enabling multichannel (print and digital) graphics at scale
  • empowering non-designers with brand assets at scale

Imagine entering a restaurant where the menu represents your marketing campaigns. Just as you expect every dish to be consistently prepared, prompt, and delicious, CHILI GraFx ensures the same for each campaign. Our platform offers a diverse suite of apps, serving as ingredients to whip up any campaign on the menu in record time. With Smart Templates, robust business logic, media resources, brand guidelines, and data-driven insights as essential ingredients in your Creative Automation kitchen, you are setup to deliver exceptional results effortlessly.
By choosing CHILI publish you invest in a decade-long leader in the Creative Automation field. We’re here to help you create, deliver, and excel with your campaigns, making consistency, speed, and effectiveness the hallmark of your go to market strategy. Join us on this path and together we’ll boost your creative impact, elevating your creative game to new heights, Introducing you to what it means to truly Create at Scale.

The ultimate solutions:

One stop shop for creative production

The era of disjointed creative processes is over. CHILI GraFx automates critical design and content creation for large-scale graphic production, offering a multifaceted suite of apps to generate brand-consistent print and digital content quickly. With smart templates, strong business logic, media resources, brand guidelines, and data-driven insights, you’re set to deliver work consistently, rapidly, and effectively.

Unlock the potential of interconnected systems with our open API, SDK, and plug-and-play connection framework. Build solutions for today and the future effortlessly. Design smart templates once and generate endless on-brand content and layouts through data-driven headless production. Our robust API and creative automation core enable CHILI GraFx to seamlessly connect with data sources like DAM, PIM, CRM, and more, facilitating high-volume localized and personalized asset creation. Simply connect your data sources and leverage AI to instruct CHILI GraFx for even faster and more efficient output.

Produce graphics at scale while remaining in control

Scale up, learn and watch the expenditures go down. Use Smart Templates and analytics to understand what works and what investments make sense. Pay per render not per end-user. That is true economies of scale.

Enable non-designers to self serve design assets

End-users can generate personalized content within brand guidelines, leading to faster, more resonant campaigns that hit the market with impact. Local knowledge is good knowledge – and is unique knowledge. Compelling and far more effective. With CHILI GraFx you enable local knowledge and stay in control.

Created for Designers, Engineered for Developers

That is the summary of all the above. CHILI GraFx brings all the stakeholders in your creative production processes together in one place, where a unique suite of powerful apps and platform features make it simple to deliver any volume of stunning, on-brand, personalized Multichannel graphical output.

Web-to-Print with DAM

Cooperation with 4ALLPORTAL

  • Create highly efficient DAM and PIM to publish workflows
  • Facilitate always on multichannel brand marketing materials that update automatically with the data source
  • Work with a single source of truth for all your data
  • Dramatically accelerate your approval workflows and template creation
  • Simplify and automate any Web2Print or digital output processes
  • Enjoy a powerful, easy-to-use suite of apps as your base to cook-up anything you want in your creative automation kitchen

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