Content creation

Create, publish & share faster

The 4ALLPORTAL offers you numerous features to speed up your content production.  

From finding the perfect stock material in seconds, to fine-tuning your drafts, to publishing at the push of a button in WordPress and Co. 

Find the perfect stock footage in seconds  

The 4ALLPORTAL includes a fully customizable search function so you don’t have to click through numerous folders and directories to find the right file for your project.

You can use your own categories, keywords, tags or AI-identified image content to display content across folders and departments. Search filters help you get precise results and find what you need quickly. 

With the right search filters, you can find the right stock material in seconds

Improve the organization and collection of project files  

Do you find it time-consuming and unproductive to manually open and compare all your files in Preview? Yes, it is! There’s a better way to make the best selection from your stock photo or graphic collection.

In 4ALLPORTAL you can create an unlimited number of collections to better organize and compare your content. At the same time, you can share the collection with external parties without giving them write access or download options. 

Organize your documents and images better with collections

Integrate files via drag & drop into Photoshop, InDesign & Co.  

Our plugins and integrations offer you the possibility to embed all files from the 4ALLPORTAL into the designs of your graphics and layout programs via drag & drop, without having to download them first and thus risking duplicates.

At the same time, the 4ALLPORTAL calculates thumbnails for special file formats (e.g. INDD), which are also visible to users without a corresponding user license. In total we support more than 1000 different file formats. 

Make your DAM and PIM more powerful and explore our Web-2-Print solutions

Simplify voting on new drafts  

It can take time for everyone to agree on a new piece of content. Especially when feedback is coming in via Slack, team chat, email, and phone in parallel. But this scattering inevitably leads to information loss and confusion.

With the customizable approval workflows in 4ALLPORTAL you can structure your feedback loops according to your needs. This guarantees timely feedback and also gives you the assurance that project files remain locked without approval. 

Coordinate better with your team Save time with software approval workflows

Multi-channel publishing at the click of a button   

Cross-channel publishing often turns out to be time-consuming. Especially when all texts, graphics and images have to be embedded manually by copy and paste into the templates of the respective CMS platforms. 

With the 4ALLPORTAL you can do this work at the push of a button. Using the universal CMS interface, you can insert your content directly into existing web templates and templates of your choice or publish it on social media at the same time. 

The Power Mode for your content creation 


Seamless tool integration

Drag and drop your assets into the most popular creative applications, including Photoshop, InDesign, and more.

Fast team approval

Our approval module streamlines the coordination of new content and dramatically reduces your review cycles.

Organize and collect

Organize your favorites, preferred images, or project files into an easy-to-navigate collection for quick access.

CMS Integration

Use our API interface to export files directly to your CMS media library or automatically embed them into existing templates.

Product Workflows

Accelerate the creation and approval of new products and get them to market in record time.

Share large files via email

Share collections of up to 1000 files with customers or partners via email using the Live Gallery.

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