Evaluate User Behavior

Better understand how your team works

The 4ALLPORTAL offers you numerous features to better understand the behavior of your users and to ensure more transparency in the use of your marketing and product content. 

The relevance of user behavior analysis

It is not uncommon for companies with a large number of content to experience license violations, duplicate purchases of stock material, the creation of duplicates and the unauthorized use of records. 

The 4ALLPORTAL not only prevents these things with holistic access control, but also helps you understand which users have downloaded, modified, shared or played an asset in third-party channels. The result? Maximum transparency.

Avoid license violations with the right administration Manage all user rights

Usage history

Not knowing what happens to your data can be a big disadvantage. In the usage history of the 4ALLPORTAL you experience maximum transparency when working with your files, because every form of file export is listed there. 

Keep track of who downloaded, shared, or converted your file to another output format. In the same way, you can see with which linked third-party systems the file was shared (e.g. CMS, shop or social media channels).

Track exactly what happens to the data in your DAM

Change history

The change history in the 4ALLPORTAL opens gives you complete transparency regarding all changes to your records in DAM and PIM. This not only monitors field values, but also media content such as images, videos and documents. 

This allows you to see centrally on your assets and products which field values have been changed or deleted by which users. In the same way, you can watch the evolution of your data over time. 

You can view every change in the change history

Reports & Analytics

Get data-driven insights and perform comprehensive analytics in real time to transparently track the performance of your assets. This allows you to efficiently allocate resources and identify bottlenecks at an early stage. 

For example, you can analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, track the popularity of certain content, and optimize the efficiency of your content production. At the same time, these insights can be exported as detailed reports.

Analyze how often your download packages have been downloaded

How to revolutionise your file management


Track Downloads

Always keep track of who downloaded a file in which format.

History of Shared Files

Get an overview of which users have shared a file with other users or external contacts.

Percentage of Data Use

Graphical elements such as charts help you better understand how your content is being used and read metrics about data usage.


Create rich, data-driven reports to share your insights into user behavior with colleagues, supervisors, customers or stakeholders.

Prominence Factor

This value shows you which assets are currently in high demand, have been shared or are used the most.

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