Plan, Develop, Publish

4ALLPORTAL offers you a variety of options to accelerate your product workflows. From planning and conceptualization to market launch and cross-border marketing of your items. 

Map your product workflows

Collaborative Product Planning

During product planning, there is an increased influx of sketches, files, and plans. To prevent the loss of relevant information in the data flood and ensure that all stakeholders have access at all times, our integrated DAM provides the perfect foundation. 

Organize your content by department, role, and function in the planning team. With the help of keywords, custom metadata, intelligent folders, and collections, you create order and structure in your Product Lifecycle Management.

Feedback Cycles and Approval

Feedback loops are usually represented through email or internal planning tools. However, these applications typically offer limited functionalities and do not protect against unauthorized access, as there is no controllable editing protection, for example. 

4ALLPORTAL allows you to collect feedback and comments from project participants and view them centrally on the product without compromising access control. Selected users can control who gets reading or editing rights.

Manage your media, images and photos correctly

International Market Launch 

The successful launch of new products across multiple countries and distribution channels depends on various factors. One of them is ensuring correct and complete records for the product campaign. 

Our smart “Dimensions” in the data fields prevent duplicates and redundancies. This way, country-specific units, currencies, and much more can be taken into account in the output without having to store information multiple times.

Manage multilingual text modules

Automated Catalog Creation

Manually creating an extensive product catalog and copying and pasting all data can take several months. Not to mention that any corrections and changes mean additional effort. 

To allow you to focus on creative work, 4ALLPORTAL has various tools for print output, such as automatic catalog and datasheet creation. Select products, define the output layout, done.

Make your DAM and PIM more powerful and explore our Web-2-Print solutions

Scalable Tools for Your Multichannel Campaign


Single Point of Truth

Instead of having to gather all information about your products from different systems, 4ALLPORTAL forms the central base, including complete records and translations.

DAM Module

Central management of product photos, technical data sheets, CAD files, and packaging data, as well as cross-location collaboration on projects.

PIM Module

Manage the combination of master data, product information, and marketing content in one central location and distribute the content to all relevant channels for you.

SAP/ERP Integration

Through our intelligent interface, you enable targeted communication and data exchange between 4ALLPORTAL and SAP/ERP.

CMS Integration

Export product records, including all relevant file attachments, directly to your CMS media library or publish entire product pages with a click.

Print Automation

Create technical data sheets in your own layout in a few clicks or automate complete catalog productions with 4ALLPORTAL.

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