Synchronize, integrate, provide 

With the integrated RESTful API interface you can easily connect third party systems to the 4ALLPORTAL and control the data exchange in both directions with just one click. Synchronizing your master and product data has never been easier! 

Automatically enrich and refine records  

We use a scalable interface so you don’t have to manually copy and paste key information from multiple third-party systems. It communicates with other software tools for you and enables data exchange.  

Of course, this does not affect the records in the original system. However, you are able to maintain any information in your DAM or PIM that is relevant to your marketing campaign – without any manual effort. 

DAM and PIM in one software solution

Master data & dynamic data in one place 

The 4ALLPORTAL is designed to provide you with a single point of truth for all your marketing data. In other words, a central base where you can find everything you need for your campaign. From the item number to the EAN code to the product image.  

The RESTful API also allows you to add master and transactional data from your ERP or SAP system to the product in the PIM, make this data multilingual and country-specific, and send it to stores, portals, and catalogs at the touch of a button. 

Manage master data in one place

Comprehensive Omnichannel Marketing 

The effort required for successful omnichannel campaigns is often a bottomless pit. Every piece of information, every file format and every text has to be adapted to the respective output channel – in terms of format, size, scope and language.  

With the 4ALLPORTAL, you can output every data set in a country- and channel-specific manner, whether for digital or print. This includes automatic image conversion to specific formats and resolutions, language and local currencies and units of measurement. 

Manage multilingual text modules

Automatic Publishing to Store & Website 

Do you want to not only provide images including SEO metadata in your CMS media library, but also create and publish complete product pages at the click of a button? This is also possible with 4ALLPORTAL and the highly integrative RESTful API.  

Imagine you no longer have to manually create new product pages in your online store. Instead, one click is enough and the entire page is automatically created for you in the CMS based on your existing layouts and published including the correct URL. 

Find your files in one place

Tools for Your Multi-Channel Campaign 



Our programming interface is built on the latest RESTful” standard and is the core for communicating with third party systems.

Output conversion

Automate manual conversions in Photoshop and adjust color space, file format, size, and resolution with our export capabilities.

Share large amounts of data

Share high-resolution files via email without loss, even if the file size is several gigabytes.

Your own watermarks

To protect your content from copyright violations, you can add your own watermarks to the image, which are automatically rendered into the file during export.

Channel and country specific data

Each data field has several “dimensions,” including country and channel-specific information such as translations, units of measure, and currencies. These are available centrally in the product without redundancy or duplication.

Data extraction from SAP/ERP

Our native interface helps you to enrich data records in 4ALLPORTAL with master or transaction data without changing anything in SAP/ERP.

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