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glaskoch is a family business in the 5th generation. As the leading European glass provider, their brand LEONARDO has been a crystalline symbol of Italian lifestyle since 1972. Every year, LEONARDO creates 800 new products which can be found in  over 7,650 shops around the world.

The snag: Inconsistent storage practices and sluggish product searches

Naturally, LEONARDO’s business practices entail a constant stream of new photographs depicting new products. When storing the photos, every colleague has his or her own idiosyncratic method. Over time, the number of duplicates was legion and finding the most current specimen comparable to the proverbial needle in a haystack. There were situations where truly excellent photos never made it to the printers because only a small percentage of the staff knew of their existence. For all of the above reasons, glaskoch began their quest for an appropriate digital asset management software. Their search led them to 4ALLPORTAL working out of Gutersloh.

Dramatic Marketing Improvements

In the past, LEONARDO’s marketing department received 10 to 20 requests for image files on a daily basis – from both inhouse colleagues and external partners. After implementing the  4ALLPORTAL solution, these requests were reduced to practically null. The time-honoured enterprise’s PR agency now has direct access to the portal, enabling it to send image files directly to essential users such as magazines. This relieved the marketing department’s workload enormously. 

Expanding their 4ALLPORTAL application, LEONARDO took the next step by activating the 4ALLPORTAL document management solution. Now, not only image files, but also sales files, catalogues and additional marketing materials are managed with the DAM software. 
An additional feature LEONARDO gladly endorses is the system’s traffic light function. The function allocates traffic light colours, indicating valid/invalid usage rights and release approval/denial. The traffic light tool is a master in reducing errors arising from, for example, using photos with expired usage rights. 
When rating 4ALLPORTAL support and their cooperation during the joint project installation, LEONARDO gave high marks. From the first inquiry, 4ALLPORTAL supplied LEONARDO with a personal consultant for all questions. Amicable communications combined with highly professional support provided a seamless installation of the complex software. 

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