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Energie 360° AG is a Swiss company based in Zurich that provides sustainable energy services across Switzerland. With around 290 employees, Energie 360° develops and operates energy solutions in the fields of heating, cooling, power and mobility, and is a leading provider of biogas and wood pellets. 

Energie 360° is committed to developing sustainable energy solutions and environmentally friendly mobility, and is always operating on the cutting edge: From tailored solutions using renewable energy sources (e.g. biogas and wood pellets) to innovative e-mobility products, the energy provider is always working with the future in mind. Companies that think so far ahead when developing their products and services also need to organize their communication processes to be fit for the future – and that means digital.

This can include cross-media marketing campaigns, clear company and product brochures, and digital information platforms. That also inevitably involves a considerable volume of images, graphics, videos, texts and more, all of which needs to be structured, organized and administered – digitally and sustainably. Without a professional digital asset management (DAM) system that can quickly end in chaos. So it’s great that Energie 360° has positioned itself digitally here too – because the future waits for no-one. 

Challenge: Bundle and Digitalize a Flood of Data

As in most companies, several gigabytes of digital data has built up at Energie 360° over the years. Photo and video material, graphics, various text documents, Adobe InDesign files and other assets were spread over countless folders on various drives. That inevitably leads to duplicates, outdated assets and time-consuming retrieval. In addition, this undefined storage of assets ties up enormous memory capacity. Reason enough for Energie 360° to look for a future-viable system that remedies these deficiencies and in which all data can be centrally structured, organized and administered. Furthermore, it would need to allow a single sign-on and be hosted on Swiss servers. Our 4ALLPORTAL digital asset management system fulfilled all these requirements, and Energie 360° opted for our DAM. 

Solution: A Scalable Basic System

With the new 4ALLPORTAL DAM, all data retention of assets at Energie 360° was reorganized. The DAM now functions as a central platform for data storage and asset management, thereby providing order and clarity. All employees, as well as external photographers and agencies, have access to the DAM – with restricted administration rights and different role profiles, of course. It is now easier to work in collaboration with photographers and agencies. The complete approval workflow is laid out in the DAM via the task tool – from the upload and sharing of media assets to revision comments and approval. 

Because of all the user groups involved, Energie 360° was looking for an intuitive interface and a system that does not confuse with too many functions. At the same time, it would need to be flexible enough to grow with the company over the years. As a customizable and scalable base system, the 4ALLPORTAL DAM fulfilled all these requirements. With our Swiss technology partner click it AG, we were able to guarantee close and professional project preparation and support, as well as seamless integration into Energie 360°’s existing IT system landscape. click it AG also provided support on minor optimizations and issues that remained unclear. 

Result: Happy Colleagues and Optimized Internal and External Collaboration

In the 4ALLPORTAL digital asset management system, Energie 360° has found a sustainable and secure platform for administering, organizing and structuring its assets in a central system. Energie 360°’s staff can conveniently search for all released data via the intuitive user interface – it’s just so easy to use. The customized download profiles in the 4ALLPOPRTAL DAM allow the communication department to implement more efficient procedures than before: The system generates the required formats for digital channels directly when downloading. The workflows with agencies and photographers also run far more smoothly with the 4ALLPORTAL DAM: Fault-prone and time-intensive coordination loops by email and data transfer via Dropbox or WeTransfer can be eliminated. 

One of the main advantages of 4ALLPORTAL has been the simplification of our internal collaborations, because searching for image and video material in the various folders and drives was very time-consuming. With the 4ALLPORTAL DAM we have created clarity and transparency, and given ourselves a digital boost at the same time. The internal feedback and of external users with regard to user friendliness is excellent. We are pleased that the 4ALLPORTAL DAM is scalable and can be flexibly adapted to our needs.

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