Managing DAM & PIM data for Smart Templates in hyper-speed dynamic promotions 

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the powerful Chili Publish 4ALLPORTAL combination:

  • Creative Automation
  • Ready-to-use print products and more in seconds thanks to Smart Templates
  • Uniform brand presence with Print & Publish
  • Efficient use of dynamic advertising campaigns
  • Best practices and real-life examples

Learn more in the webinar

Hours of manual time is spent by marketers and graphic designers creating dynamic promotional campaigns that could be fully automated and fed and controlled by product data and digital asset management systems. In today’s fast-moving consumer markets, marketing organizations look to automation systems in the Martech stack to alleviate all this manual work to get to market faster with promotions and offers. Smart template automation is new to the business stack and it’s changing the game.

Join our webinar with our partner 4ALLPORTAL to learn how Smart Templates leverage the power of DAM/PIM data to speed up social media campaigns and dynamic print output with time-saving best practices for consumer brands.

Dominic Vieregge, Sales and Marketing Director at 4ALLPORTAL together with Gerd Van Gils, Account Executive at CHILI publish will show how you can leverage Smart Templates combined with PIM/DAM data to automate digital and print output creation.


Dominic Vieregge

Director Service Operations

The 4ALLPORTAL is a true powerhouse that eases the daily workload for your employees. Let me show you how to unleash this potential in your own business.

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