Cover of Daming Crucial Healthcare Assets and Data

Assets and data in the healthcare sector

The Whitepaper the challenge of balancing stringent security measures with the need for accessibility of crucial healthcare assets and data, providing the answer for achieving a customer-first approach in the competitive healthcare industry.

Your Key-takeaways

  • HIPAA 
  • Healthcare Technology
  • DAM/PIM benefits for the Healthcare Industry

Daming crucial healthcare assets and data

With the stringent requirements for healthcare companies, their technology stack cannot be taken for granted. Despite the legal and regulatory concerns though, health care is still a competitive industry that requires a customer-first approach. 

That means that while security has to be stringent, it can’t overarm itself to the point that anyone working with a patient can’t access their information or that the marketing team can’t access real-world images that took place in their facility. It sounds trite to ask the question, how can this be done? We give you the answer. 

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