the nine most common mistakes made when choosing a dam system

Make the right choice when looking for a DAM. This white paper will guide you on the right path, straight to an efficient DAM – system.

Your Key-Takeaways

  • Which systems are useful  
  • Get ahead with a powerful search function  
  • Workflows and tools for better collaboration   
  • Appropriate access and authorization concepts  
  • Don’t lose sight of the total cost of ownership  
  • Vendor analysis  

Avoid typical mistakes when selecting DAM software  

Before implementing digital asset management, you should first clarify your own requirements. Before you get lost in technical details, you should clarify some fundamental questions.  

Which core problems should the introduction of digital asset management solve? Making files easily discoverable? Making it easier to share files to foster cross-enterprise collaboration?  

Sketch the ideal picture of future operations and find the optimal DAM for your organization with our white paper.   

Realize your goals with your new digital asset management. 

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