1WorldSync (atrify)

The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a globally unique identifier assigned to products to identify them in supply chains. Therefore, it is important that it is always available together with other product data. With our interface to 1WorldSync (formerly atrify) we ensure a smooth distribution of the GTIN as an important part of Product Information Management (PIM), especially for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

GDSN in GS1 Standard – Synchronize your data directly with 4ALLPORTAL

Thanks to the integration of atrify and the use of GTIN and industry standards such as GDSN, companies can ensure that their product data is uniquely identified and effectively distributed to increase their business success.

4ALLPORTAL’s Atrify connector is a powerful solution for companies looking to streamline their DAM and PIM processes and distribute their product data across multiple sales channels.

Enrich your products directly in 4ALLPORTAL with GS1 information and access your GDSN data pool directly through our intelligent interfaces.


  • Legally compliant handling of GDSN data
  • Easy connection to PIM and DAM
  • Product data uniquely identifiable