Azure Active Directory

Many companies are now using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage the identities and access permissions of their users. Azure Active Directory supports secure access to local applications and cloud resources. 

In order to use the popular single sign-on environment of this system when managing media files too, we have developed an Azure Active Directory connector for digital asset management. 

Azure Active Directory connector for digital asset management: central management of access permissions for DAM 

With our connector, you can control the access to digital assets centrally via your Azure Active Directory. This applies not only to your internal employees but also, when necessary, to external partners. With this approach, you reduce your IT support costs, since activities like resetting passwords and creating, deleting or updating user accounts, security settings and group permissions for 4ALLPORTAL DAM can be performed via your Active Directory console. If you use Azure Active Directory Premium, you can also create audit-compliant reports documenting your existing DAM access permissions. Suspicious log-in attempts can also be identified in this way. For an even greater level of protection for your media assets, you can also activate multi-factor authentication. 


  • Central management of your identities and access permissions — for DAM too 
  • More convenience for users thanks to single sign-on 
  • Strong multi-factor authentication for added security 
  • Make media resources available to all relevant employees without great effort