Our integration for Canva is an important step for your business to efficiently manage and optimise visual assets. Connecting Canva to your 4ALLPORTAL DAM opens up numerous possibilities to organise your creative assets, ensure brand consistency and increase productivity. Within Canva, you have the ability to access your media directly in 4ALLPORTAL, ensuring greater brand consistency, especially in imagery.


  • Efficient management of Canva designs: The integration of Canva and DAM allows you to centralise and structure your Canva files. This makes it easier to search, organise and reuse your graphics and designs.
  • Improved collaboration and consistency: Linking Canva and DAM enables smooth collaboration between team members and departments. Everyone involved has access to the latest designs and can ensure that your brand guidelines are adhered to.
  • Seamless provision of content: The content you create can be integrated directly into your marketing materials, presentations or social media campaigns. This enables quick and targeted publication of your Canva designs for a uniform appearance of your company.