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The integration of DeepL into our 4ALLPORTAL makes it possible to easily duplicate content in different languages, saving time and money on manual translations. Automated maintenance of translations ensures that your content in the web shop, data sheets or web pages is always up to date. In addition, the text module of DeepL generates suggestions for content, which reduces your workload by simply copying and pasting.


  • Duplicate multi-language content efficiently: Integration allows you to easily duplicate content into multiple languages, saving time and providing the opportunity to expand your global reach.
  • Increase the quality of product data management: The ability to create glossaries and define specialised terms yourself ensures consistency in your PIM system and increases the quality of translation when managing product data in your shop.
  • Automated maintenance of translations: The integration allows you to ensure that your translations are always up-to-date, especially for your web shop. Automated maintenance saves time and ensures that your content is up to date for an optimal user experience.