Social Media


Hootsuite, one of the leading management systems for social media content, allows users to plan posts in advance for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. If you want to share assets from your media database with the help of Hootsuite, you first have to download them from the DAM system. But let’s be honest: that step takes far too much time. To remedy this, we have developed the official 4ALLPORTAL DAM Hootsuite connector. 

Import assets from your DAM system directly into Hootsuite 

Our Hootsuite connector allows you to search through your 4ALLPORTAL DAM system for the desired data quickly and easily while you are logged in to Hootsuite. After importing your data, you can plan and approve your social media posts for the various networks as usual. 

With our intelligent interface, you can also convert your assets when exporting them from the DAM system to Hootsuite. That means you no longer have to perform time-consuming color-space transformations, resizing, etc. Even Photoshop files can then be imported and published in Hootsuite without any detours. With the 4ALLPORTAL DAM Hootsuite connector, you can import optimized assets with just a keystroke and make your so


  • Easily import your assets directly into Hootsuite
  • Convenient metadata search within the application 
  • Import precisely the assets needed, data conversion included 
  • Maximum time savings for your content managers