Do you use a directory service such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Lotus Domino, or Novell eDirectory? Would you like to give your digital asset management (DAM) software access to your directory service? If so, the LDAP Authentication Provider 4APP (4ALLPORTAL app) is the right solution. The application enables your DAM system to communicate with the directory service via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). There are many advantages to this when it comes to user login and synchronization. 

LDAP simplifies login to the DAM system 

The 4ALLPORTAL DAM LDAP integration enhances the user login experience. As the user’s identity stored centrally in the directory service is used for login, your sign-on process is not only faster, but also more secure. 

When logging into the digital asset management software for the first time, a user is automatically created in 4ALLPORTAL. The LDAP-DAM connector is also used here to retrieve the required user data in the directory service. With each subsequent login, the app automatically checks the user and their permissions in the background. Any changes made in the directory service are automatically transferred to the DAM software. 

App extension: Single sign-on (SSO) for digital asset management with Windows Active Directory (AD) 

Do you use the single sign-on (SSO) function in conjunction with your Windows Active Directory (AD)? Would you like to extend this process to your digital asset management system? This is where our SSO app extension comes in. Once the extension is enabled, users logged in to the Windows domain are automatically logged into the DAM system in the background. There is no need to enter a username and password to log into 4ALLPORTAL. Since no password is transmitted, the login process is even more secure. 

App extension: User synchronization for digital asset management via LDAP 

With this extension to the digital asset management LDAP integration, all (or a specific selection) of your users stored in your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) can be transferred along with their information to 4ALLPORTAL and set up as new users there. This is useful when you want to transfer a large number of users to the digital asset management software in one go, for example. 


  • Synchronization extension: considerable time savings when transferring user data 
  • SSO extension: simplified, secure login 
  • Time savings for administrators: users and permissions are automatically transferred to the DAM software, as are changes 
  • Convenience: no additional login details for users to remember 
  • Secure user authentication thanks to central login via LDAP (4ALLPORTAL DAM stores no user data)
  • Easily link login to the DAM system to an existing directory service (Microsoft Active Directory, Lotus Domino, Novell eDirectory, and other LDAP-based services)