Intuitive user interfaces, reliability, security, performance – there are many reasons why companies would choose to use MacOS and the corresponding hardware. The operating system from Apple is widely used, especially in creative fields. With the MacOS connector for digital asset management, you can efficiently connect the Mac ecosystem with external environments and exchange media files even more easily. 

Digital asset management integration for MacOS: convenient data exchange for your users 

The MacOS connector for digital asset management has two primary jobs: 

  • (Batch) upload of files from MacOS to 4ALLPORTAL DAM 
  • Synchronization of (individual) media databases between DAM system and local computer 

The first feature – the upload function – greatly simplifies the uploading of digital assets from a MacBook or an iMac. After the installation of the connector, your users can select a local folder or network drive with a click and start the data transfer to 4ALLPORTAL. 

The opposite path is possible too: downloading data from the 4ALLPORTAL media database to a local Mac. For this, users simply select the media collections in the DAM system that they want to synchronize with their machine. The needed assets are then available for further editing with the local Mac applications, even offline. 


  • Easily transfer media data from MacOS to the DAM-system 
  • Synchronization of personal collections with the local Mac computer  
  • Ideal for offline editing of files on the Mac with DAM synchronization later