As a Magento user and online merchant, you know that digital assets like images, PDF files and videos play an important role in e-commerce. What’s more, the popular shop software is often used for extensive projects with thousands of products. Many of the articles are generally associated with not just one but multiple media files. With standard tools, it is difficult to keep track of things and work efficiently in these scenarios. That’s why the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system has a Magento connector for digital asset management. 

Digital asset management in Magento: include images directly from the 4ALLPORTAL media database 

With the Magento plug-in for digital asset management, you solve several problems at once. First, you replace the Magento media management system, which is relatively restricted in terms of functionality, with the powerful 4ALLPORTAL DAM system. The latter has a high-performance search feature that allows you to locate needed assets without the slightest difficulty even in the case of extremely complex sets of data. 

With the Magento plug-in for digital asset management, you also optimize your e-commerce website by incorporating assets like images right from the DAM system. There is no longer any need at all to upload files to the Magento database, and as a result, your Magento users work much more efficiently. 

Moreover, as a central source of assets, the DAM system supplies not just your Magento shop but also, when necessary, any other channel, such as the well-known e-commerce platforms. 


  • Log-in to the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system directly via Magento 
  • Magento users have access to only approved files
  • Enrich your product descriptions with extra media files from the DAM system 
  • Images from the digital asset management system can also be used as category images
  • Prevent the use of outdated, non-approved or unlicensed images in the e-commerce shop