Many organizations use the monitoring software Nagios to monitor their systems. This particularly applies to classic scenarios with a predominantly static IT system landscape – consisting of servers, databases, services, and various computer systems. The open source solution permanently monitors networks and their individual devices and processes. This way, problems can be detected and eliminated at an early stage. This in turn leads to minimized downtimes. 

Does your company also use Nagios? Would you like to integrate your digital asset management software into your existing Nagios monitoring system? Then the Nagios DAM connector from 4ALLPORTAL is the optimal solution. 

Nagios connector for digital asset management: Transmit statistics and implement alarms 

With the Nagios connector, you can easily integrate 4ALLPORTAL into a Nagios-based monitoring system. Your administrators will not need an additional monitoring solution to monitor the DAM system. You can continue to use the central Nagios monitoring system. 

Among other things, you can use the Nagios interface to transfer the following statistics from your digital asset management to your monitoring system: 

  • Existing assets 
  • Uploads 
  • Downloads 
  • User logins 
  • Accessed modules 
  • And many more 

Moreover, Nagios is also ideal for monitoring the performance of your DAM software or individual apps associated with it. 

Requirements: To use the Nagios interface, you need a connection to an existing Nagios server. No additional licensing is required, since the interface is included in the 4ALLPORTAL Core Engine. 


  • Integration of DAM software into your central system monitoring
  • No additional solution for DAM monitoring required 
  • Always keep an eye on the use and status of 4ALLPORTAL 
  • React early in the event of problems – with individually definable alarms 
  • Ensure the efficiency and functionality of your digital asset management at all times