TYPO3 is a well-known content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites. Are you also using this software? Then you know the benefits of CMS in terms of presenting content (e.g. pictures, videos, documents) in an appealing way. 
But you also know how time-consuming and inconvenient it is to fill the TYPO3 media library with content and keep it up-to-date, especially if you have a huge database. 

The 4ALLPORTAL Digital Asset Management TYPO3 Connector solves these problems by establishing a seamless connection to 4ALLPORTAL. Automation ensures that your team does not waste time with unproductive tasks. Instead, they can focus on what really matters. 


The way DAM TYPO3 Integration simplifies data management 

Website content has to meet specific requirements. It has to be web-optimized in terms of resolution so that loading times are not affected. It also needs SEO-optimized metadata such as alt attributes, image descriptions, and titles. The 4ALLPORTAL Digital Asset Management TYPO3 Integration takes all this into consideration. 

Its powerful search function allows you to find exactly the assets you need for your TYPO3 website. With one click the files are transferred into the CMS in the right format. You just need to choose a conversion profile and the connector will automatically create suitable versions of your content. Manual conversion and uploading of digital assets into TYPO3 media library are no longer needed. 
It also imports any metadata from 4ALLPORTAL into TYPO3, where it can be used as an SEO element. Whenever an asset in the DAM software is modified, the integration automatically ensures that the TYPO3 database is also updated. 

This approach has also another advantage: you have complete transparency and control over the shared data. 4ALLPORTAL allows you to display all assets used in TYPO3 and also remove them from the media library whenever you want. 


  • Existing metadata can be used for SEO
  • New versions are automatically submitted to TYPO3
  • Automatically generated, web-optimized content
  • Easy sharing of content between systems, full control over asset usage
  • No manual file research and upload into TYPO3