Vimeo integration allows you to connect our 4ALLPORTAL to your Vimeo library so that video assets can be automatically uploaded from the DAM to Vimeo and tagged with the appropriate metadata. You can organise your videos centrally, publish them automatically and ensure that your content is always up to date. The integration saves time, improves the consistency of your content and makes it easier to comply with guidelines.


  • Improved content management: Central management of all digital assets and seamless integration with Vimeo make it easier to organise and access media.
  • Efficient collaboration: Teams can work more efficiently as less time is spent on manual tasks, leaving more time for creative and strategic work.
  • Easy updating: When meta properties or videos are updated in the 4ALLPORTAL, these changes are automatically transferred to Vimeo.
  • Consistent metadata: All video assets are tagged with the corresponding metadata from the 4ALLPORTAL to ensure content consistency and compliance with guidelines.