Numerous organizations use Zapier to automate their workflows on the basis of events from various applications. This translates into considerable time savings in day-to-day operations. For example, the use of Zapier is popular in connection with mail software, marketing tools, project management and collaboration software, social media, and CRM systems. Yet Zapier integration for DAM is also essential if you’re aiming for a high level of automation in the creation and management of your digital assets. 4ALLPORTAL DAM makes this possible! 

Zapier connector for digital asset management: Smooth workflows across app boundaries 

With Zapier integration for digital asset management, you can connect 4ALLPORTAL DAM with the most popular cloud-based apps. In the process, certain events are communicated to Zapier on the basis of webhooks. These could include the following actions: 

  • Creating a data record 
  • Changing a status 
  • Sharing a file (changing its release status) 

With this approach, you can seamlessly integrate 4ALLPORTAL DAM into your existing Zapier landscape. This way, the digital asset management software becomes part of your existing workflow automation. 


  • Simple connection from DAM to Zapier 
  • Linking digital asset management and a variety of (cloud-based) apps 
  • Extension of your automated processes to the area of DAM 
  • Considerable time savings in day-to-day operations