Access Control

Flexibly control read and write permissions

4ALLPORTAL offers you a comprehensive solution to protect files and products from unauthorized access. Discover how you can regulate permissions and centrally control access rights for all users and system areas. 

Better control access with individual rights assignment

Scalable solutions for individual rights assignment

Conventional file management systems often severely limit their users in assigning individual access rights, which can lead to incomplete authorization concepts, especially with a steadily growing number of users. 

To comprehensively avoid unauthorized access, you can create unlimited user groups with individual read and write rights in 4ALLPORTAL. This allows you to depict even complex authorization concepts across locations and countries.

Manage all role and user rights for your global teams

Restricted usage based on rules

In most cases, there are clear rules to define who can see, edit, delete, or share certain content. It becomes challenging when exceptions arise, applicable only in specific situations or for certain individuals. 

For these special cases, we offer you a rule-based restriction of usage rights. For example, you can restrict usage for certain individuals or user groups based on field values, file formats, or projects.

Better control access with individual rights assignment

Share large files with external parties

Many companies use online file hosts for large files, as email attachments are often limited to 50 MB. However, many of these cloud hosts operate servers outside the EU to bypass GDPR norms, potentially leading to compliance violations. 

In 4ALLPORTAL, you can share up to 1000 files simultaneously as a live view via email. At the same time, you control branding and layout and can freely decide whether the recipient can download the files or not.

Share your files via eTicket

Avoid license violations and double purchases of stock material

It’s not uncommon for stock photos to be used even after the expiration of usage rights. Similarly, material is often purchased multiple times because different departments or locations only have access to their own content. 

In 4ALLPORTAL, you avoid costly license violations, for example, through an automatic expiration date. This leads to files without a valid license agreement or usage right being locked and unable to be downloaded or shared.

Monstera plant as digital asset

More data security for your content


Approval Traffic Light

Playfully control usage rights via a data field so that your users immediately know whether a file can be used.

Approval Workflows

Establish recurring approval processes based on rules and fixed team responsibilities to expedite correction loops.


Share not only large amounts of data in your own branding but also add your own watermarks with a button click to prevent data theft.

Secure Hosting according to GDPR

For those who want to outsource their DAM/PIM hosting, we offer operation in our TÜV-certified high-performance data center in Bielefeld, NRW (Germany).

Change History

All changes to a file are clearly recorded for you in the change history. There you can see: Who changed what, at what time.

Usage History

With the usage history, you can centrally track who has downloaded, sent, or played a file in third-party systems.

Single Sign-On (SSO) & Active Directory (AD)

The native Active Directory integration provides an additional safety layer for access control and enables convenient 1-click login via SSO.

User Mapping

Individual user rights can be mapped 1-to-1 to existing AD users, allowing for the restriction of editing rights for metadata fields.

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