Automated workflows 

More time savings and productivity

The 4ALLPORTAL offers you numerous features to streamline your daily work and automate time-consuming tasks. Discover the performance potential of our solution and save up to 30% time every day. 

Clever batch processing

Unfortunately, there are always business-critical tasks that take up an enormous amount of time and are prone to errors across departments. Be it the manual renaming of numerous files or the categorization of different files.   

In 4ALLPORTAL, you can easily automate these tasks to save time and ensure consistent data quality. Batch processing allows you to tag, enrich or rename up to 1000 files or products at the same time.  

Save yourself a lot of time with the mass change function

File format conversions 

Adapting the file formats of numerous files for different output channels in Photoshop can take what feels like an eternity. Especially if the aspect ratio or resolution also needs to be adjusted.  

This is exactly why the 4ALLPORTAL has so-called “download profiles”. This allows you to convert almost any number of files at the same time and freely determine the resolution (in ppi), aspect ratio and output format. 

Monstera plant as digital asset Automatic profiles convert your file into your desired format at the touch of a button

Content publishing at the touch of a button

Consistently providing all channels in multichannel marketing with content means an enormous amount of work for your own content team. Not only in terms of content creation, but also in terms of cross-channel publishing. 
Thanks to our versatile interface, you can output new posts, blog articles, data sheets or products to various sales channels at the touch of a button – including channel-specific information, translations or your own file formats.

Create SEO ready images for your website

More automation for your workflows


Self-service for the data you need

Relieve your marketing department with an access-protected self-service portal that all employees can use to obtain the data they need independently.

Product tables at the touch of a button

Provide printable product tables and file views in digital form for internal and external users at the touch of a button.

Automatic logins

Automatic login in seconds via LDAP and SSO integration instead of manually typing in user names and passwords.

Scalable user accounts

Instead of having to create new users manually, you can create accounts for entire departments or branches in a short time using CSV import, for example.

Content approval

Our automated approval workflows ensure that new content can be approved and published more quickly.

Automatic tagging

Based on your own rules, newly added files can be automatically tagged with the right keywords and categorized within your organization.

Data synchronization

Automatically update products published in the store as soon as the data record in the 4ALLPORTAL changes, without lifting a finger.

InDesign linking

The 4ALLPORTAL automatically links all assets to your InDesign document if they are saved in the 4ALLPORTAL and calculates a preview for all users.

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