Marketing Resource Management

Make your marketing workflows more efficient and gain more time for strategic marketing

Better data management, better marketing

Whether you are a marketing manager, product manager, or marketing assistant, our 4ALLPORTAL DAM marketing resource management tool will give you more time for what really matters: exploiting your strategic potential. Work on campaigns with other departments and external partners in the DAM and create project folders and detailed briefings. You can comment on photos, designs, and documents directly in the 4ALLPORTAL marketing resource management software, insert your change requests, and make approvals directly in the system. This will help to boost your workflow efficiency and leave marketing managers like you with more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Faster, more strategic, and more integrated: your benefits at a glance

Minimize the time you spend on coordinating your work and gain more time for strategic tasks.

Manage different service providers via the DAM and maintain an overview of your work.

Maintain an overview of rights to image and photo files and guarantee a uniform corporate design.

Work like a professional: workflows that make your life easier

Open over 100 different file formats

Do you have to handle a myriad of different file types in your work as a marketing manager? To view and edit these files you probably need lots of different tools. Why not simply use our 4ALLPORTAL marketing resource management tool? It really packs a punch and can handle anything and everything:

  • Open over 100 file formats with a single program.
  • Generate previews with media reproduction for all file formats.
  • Edit and comment on photos, documents, image data, or videos in a single tool.
  • Quickly and easily convert files into other formats and qualities or extract archive data.

Exchange photos with photographers

Do you need lots of high-quality photographs for your marketing campaigns and want to manage them efficiently? Our 4ALLPORTAL DAM is the perfect marketing resource management system to help you easily find and file your photos:

  • Exchange photos with internal and external photographers via 4ALLPORTAL.
  • Manage images and color code them for pre-selection, or rate them with a star-rating system.
  • Create collections of final images or photos for editing.
  • Collaborate with different teams across departments using a collection folder, allocating tasks, and commenting on files.
  • Use rights management to decide which MAM features your photographer can use and which metadata they should upload.

Optimize your image workflows

Successful marketing campaigns always require a certain amount of creative work, which has to go through various rounds of feedback and review, leading to several versions of the same file. With our 4ALLPORTAL marketing resource management system, you can minimize unnecessary communications and organize the perfect graphic design workflow:

  • Use your desktop client to drag and drop assets directly into an Adobe Creative Suite program.
  • Link the document and data path of your assets in the DAM when working with Adobe InDesign.
  • Use the InDesign plugin and view InDesign documents directly in the DAM without the need to install InDesign.
  • Leave comments with change requests directly in the InDesign document in the DAM, saving your graphic designer from trawling through revised PDF files.
  • Compress InDesign documents and download them complete with associated images directly as a ZIP file.

Maintain control over metadata

As a marketing manager, do you closely monitor the use of the correct media files for websites, brochures, and presentations? Then you will know that this is best achieved when each file’s metadata is complete. Our marketing resource management system offers a powerful image database to help you do this and more:

  • Define individual metadata for your assets and add information on the file’s content, location in the DAM, approval status, usage rights, publication in third-party systems, and links to other assets.
  • Use the audit change history feature to continually monitor metadata and check which users modify them and when.

Manage asset usage rights and approvals

Is monitoring copyrights and usage rights for media files a key part of your job as a marketing manager? It is not rare for the wrong files to be used—for which there are no associated usage rights. With the 4ALLPORTAL DAM marketing resource management system, you can avoid such problems from the start:

  • Use the extended traffic light usage rights feature to signpost the approval status of different assets and inform users about usage rights.
  • Use our workflow engine to create an approvals workflow that is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Grant specific individuals defined usage rights so they can download assets.
  • Use the usage history feature to monitor when an asset is downloaded by which individual.
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The Success of our customers

  • Pascal Monnerat

    Media Consultant

    For us the 4ALLPORTAL was the first and right choice from the beginning. The team of developers can get a lot done in a short time and without complications.

  • Matthias Annaheim

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Working with 4ALLPORTAL was extremely straightforward and the system was installed amazingly quickly. With the help of training courses, video tutorials and manuals, and thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, the 4ALLPORTAL DAM was very quickly and positively received by our employees. For us, the investment has paid off enormously: our company employees spend about 50 percent less time searching for the right assets. We will achieve our return on investment – calculated very conservatively – after no more than two years.

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  • Ines Schwender

    Team Manager Advertisement

    With 4ALLPORTAL and the digital asset management module, we finally have a central system that can be accessed by different departments as a data source. This allows us to maintain consistency in our use of image materials—guaranteed. As a result, 4ALLPORTAL is an essential part of our workflow today. In 4ALLPORTAL, we’ve also found a partner with an in-depth understanding of our processes and a partner who offers dependable support.”

  • Helen Kamender

    Marketing Manager

    We have found with the 4ALLPORTAL DAM much more than just a system to structure our flood of data: in addition to data administration and file management, we now also handle the majority of our work processes and the associated communication via one central system. In addition, we have integrated a great feature with the full text search, which literally lets us find the needle in the text haystack!”

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  • Matthew Patulski

    Project Manager

    At the end of the day I was most impressed by the software’s flexible customization options. They really helped me to optimize my workflows.

  • Jeannine Walser

    Information Systems Manager for Digital Workplace and Collaboration

    In the past, people stored a RAW format on their PC, developed a TIFF or PSD from that, then stored that on the server. But people also sometimes kept the RAW file, made a JPEG out of it, and then stored the RAW, the JPEG and the TIFF. Now there is only one original, which can be downloaded in various formats using download profiles.

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  • Raymond Jackson

    Project Manager

    We have already received a great deal of positive feedback on the 4ALLPORTAL DAM: Our in-house colleagues praise the system thanks to the great user experience and seeing their actual workload reduce. Our marketing and graphics department alone saves about 20% time since data can now be found quickly by colleagues thanks to the excellent search function. As a result, the phone rings less and fewer support queries are landing in inboxes. And local dealers and window manufacturers are also just as enthusiastic: Finally, there’s no need to constantly send e-mails back and forth, and they can find their assets in a modern system.

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  • Matthias Wiediger

    Project Manager

    For us, this is tantamount to a quantum leap in our workflows: Inefficiently handling assets and metadata cost us a great deal of time and caused no end of stress. That is now a thing of the past since combining 4ALLPORTAL and the programming software. When you consider how central the topic of image data management has become for TV broadcasters and that we are now able to cut our working time by around 30% in this regard, we have taken a huge step forward in digitization.

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  • Anne Mette Alfken

    Responsible for maintaining the Online Shops

    It might take me fifteen minutes if I’m demonstrating the functions to someone. Otherwise, the only thing that helps is trying things out and asking questions. If we ever have questions, we get straightforward help. They’re very nice and quite patient.

    read more
  • Katrin Meiners

    Senior Project Manager

    Rights sharing has also become much more efficient with 4ALLPORTAL. The same is true for agency access. Now we can quickly exchange assets with people outside the system. And we now have much closer collaboration with agencies and external retouchers.”

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  • Dominic Brezinski

    Head of CEWE MediaAssets

    I have a feeling that there is a willingness to work together long term on both sides. 4ALLPORTAL is not a provider that tells you to submit a ticket when you have a problem, and then takes three days to handle it because nobody cares.

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  • Janine Blechschmidt

    Project Management Advertisement

    4ALLPORTAL help us structure our media data and manage it from a central location. The software is well-designed and very user-friendly, and the service was always professional. 4ALLPORTAL always had expert answers to our trickiest questions and problems. If we had to do it all again, we would still choose 4ALLPORTAL!”

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  • Sven Feurer

    Brand Manager

    We were looking for a product that’s fast, can be connected directly to InDesign and isn’t licensed per user. That’s exactly what we found in 4ALLPORTAL and the DAM module from 4ALLPORTAL. It was also important for us to establish good contact with the provider, so that our product feedback would be taken on board and we’d be treated as more than a number. We found this and more in 4ALLPORTAL.

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