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Make your marketing workflows more efficient and gain more time for strategic marketing

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Better data management, better marketing

Whether you are a marketing manager, product manager, or marketing assistant, our 4ALLPORTAL DAM marketing resource management tool will give you more time for what really matters: exploiting your strategic potential. Work on campaigns with other departments and external partners in the DAM and create project folders and detailed briefings. You can comment on photos, designs, and documents directly in the 4ALLPORTAL marketing resource management software, insert your change requests, and make approvals directly in the system. This will help to boost your workflow efficiency and leave marketing managers like you with more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Faster, more strategic, and more integrated: your benefits at a glance

Minimize the time you spend on coordinating your work and gain more time for strategic tasks.

Manage different service providers via the DAM and maintain an overview of your work.

Maintain an overview of rights to image and photo files and guarantee a uniform corporate design.

Work like a professional: workflows that make your life easier

Open over 100 different file formats

Do you have to handle a myriad of different file types in your work as a marketing manager? To view and edit these files you probably need lots of different tools. Why not simply use our 4ALLPORTAL marketing resource management tool? It really packs a punch and can handle anything and everything:

  • Open over 100 file formats with a single program.
  • Generate previews with media reproduction for all file formats.
  • Edit and comment on photos, documents, image data, or videos in a single tool.
  • Quickly and easily convert files into other formats and qualities or extract archive data.

Exchange photos with photographers

Do you need lots of high-quality photographs for your marketing campaigns and want to manage them efficiently? Our 4ALLPORTAL DAM is the perfect marketing resource management system to help you easily find and file your photos:

  • Exchange photos with internal and external photographers via 4ALLPORTAL.
  • Manage images and color code them for pre-selection, or rate them with a star-rating system.
  • Create collections of final images or photos for editing.
  • Collaborate with different teams across departments using a collection folder, allocating tasks, and commenting on files.
  • Use rights management to decide which MAM features your photographer can use and which metadata they should upload.

Optimize your image workflows

Successful marketing campaigns always require a certain amount of creative work, which has to go through various rounds of feedback and review, leading to several versions of the same file. With our 4ALLPORTAL marketing resource management system, you can minimize unnecessary communications and organize the perfect graphic design workflow:

  • Use your desktop client to drag and drop assets directly into an Adobe Creative Suite program.
  • Link the document and data path of your assets in the DAM when working with Adobe InDesign.
  • Use the InDesign plugin and view InDesign documents directly in the DAM without the need to install InDesign.
  • Leave comments with change requests directly in the InDesign document in the DAM, saving your graphic designer from trawling through revised PDF files.
  • Compress InDesign documents and download them complete with associated images directly as a ZIP file.

Maintain control over metadata

As a marketing manager, do you closely monitor the use of the correct media files for websites, brochures, and presentations? Then you will know that this is best achieved when each file’s metadata is complete. Our marketing resource management system offers a powerful image database to help you do this and more:

  • Define individual metadata for your assets and add information on the file’s content, location in the DAM, approval status, usage rights, publication in third-party systems, and links to other assets.
  • Use the audit change history feature to continually monitor metadata and check which users modify them and when.

Manage asset usage rights and approvals

Is monitoring copyrights and usage rights for media files a key part of your job as a marketing manager? It is not rare for the wrong files to be used—for which there are no associated usage rights. With the 4ALLPORTAL DAM marketing resource management system, you can avoid such problems from the start:

  • Use the extended traffic light usage rights feature to signpost the approval status of different assets and inform users about usage rights.
  • Use our workflow engine to create an approvals workflow that is tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Grant specific individuals defined usage rights so they can download assets.
  • Use the usage history feature to monitor when an asset is downloaded by which individual.
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Modularity and scalability

In short, we were impressed by the modularity and scalability with which you can work in the system.

Portrait von  Siegfried Schneider | Red Dot Design
Siegfried Schneider
CMO | Red Dot Design
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One DAM/MAM and many possibilities

Especially with the update to version 3.x, the interface is intuitive, simple and tidy. The system is easy to operate and administer. We use the system for a wholesaler in the organic/food sector to keep all product images for different output channels. The 4AllPortal feeds different systems with the assets and also serves as support for the production of fortnightly advertising.

Christian Lutz
Head of Portal Operations | Mediengruppe Oberfranken
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A solid DAM system

Simple handling and intuitive operation. The functions offered are extensive and can be expanded as needed. With the help of the search filters and import keywording, specific files and images can be found more quickly. The ability to select the file type and size of the image before downloading so that you don’t have to adjust the size down later in photo editing software is incredibly practical.

Portrait von  Pascal Monnerat | Click it
Pascal Monnerat
Media Consultant | Click it
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Best PIM/MAM system on the market

The 4ALLPORTAL is built on a clean system architecture that allows the system to be configured and extended according to your own requirements, while ensuring stability and performance. It is the only PIM system that has a detailed, role-, class- and device-specific UI to configure. It also integrates well via the REST API. Even complex automations are easily possible via Java Spring technology.

Portrait von  Hendrik Edzards | PIMWORKS
Hendrik Edzards
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Optimization for efficient workflows

At the end of the day I was most impressed by the software’s flexible customization options. They really helped me to optimize my workflows.

Matthew Patulski
Project Manager | Cyan Gate

Claudia Pavković

Marketing Development Representative

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