Streamlined Collaboration

Enhancing Cross-Team Collaboration

Collaborating with other departments, agencies, or clients often proves to be cumbersome, doesn’t it? With 4ALLPORTAL, you bring all project stakeholders together in one place, assign role-based permissions, and enable global access. 


Self-Service for All Departments and Locations

The powerful combination of DAM and PIM makes 4ALLPORTAL your personal productivity booster. The highly customizable user management allows you to distribute individual access rights to files, folders, and projects based on functions. 

This enables all departments, clients, and partners to access files, projects, and articles across locations via a self-service principle. This not only significantly reduces manual efforts but also provides you with an entirely new scaling potential. 

Automate many work steps with the mass change
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The “Swiss Army Knife” for Your Project

Many projects drag on like chewing gum. Why? Because internal processes are often so complex that a simple “Out of the Box” solution cannot capture them. The result? Project delays, additional efforts, and frustration within the project team. 

In contrast, 4ALLPORTAL is like a Swiss Army Knife for your projects: 

It flexibly adapts to your workflows and needs, always providing a quick solution even for unusual requirements.

Never Miss a Deadline Again

In marketing, deadline pressure is not uncommon. Be it for the launch of a new campaign or the submission of new content pieces. A frequent reason for missing deadlines is the lengthiness of feedback loops. To ensure that comments, feedback, and corrections don’t get lost in email threads or group chats, approval workflows in 4ALLPORTAL can be tailored. Define processes, responsibilities, and deadlines for feedback as easily as never before.

Easier cooperation

Role-Based Reading and Writing Permissions

Many project managers and stakeholders fear the emergence of chaos once all involved project participants have access to relevant files. And not without reason, as the disclosure of files poses a high risk. 

To prevent unauthorized access as well as accidental changes or deletions of sensitive content, each 4ALLPORTAL user receives a role assignment. This controls and limits access rights to directories, files, projects, and data fields.

Manage all role and user rights for your global teams

Your Tools for Shorter Projects and Better Collaboration



Organize all project-based content such as photos, graphics, and documents in a read-only framework and assign individual access rights to other individuals.

Approval Tool

Define based on rules, keywords, folders, or roles which files can be viewed, edited, or changed by other individuals.

File Sharing

Share up to 1000 files as a live view via email with other teams or external parties and decide freely whether they can be downloaded or not.

Copyright Protection

Make files available for download to partners, agencies, and clients and protect your content with custom watermarks that are automatically added.

Open Portal

Provide entire file directories and collections of your choice to external parties without compromising on data security.

File Versions

Collaborate with agencies or other teams on open files without creating duplicates or redundancies by using the versioning module.

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