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Following the development and extensive rollout of the new modern PIM & DAM system in all bofrost*countries, bofrost* has optimized the handling of product data – also about advising customers and potential customers on the product range.

About bofrost*

For more than 55 years, bofrost* has stood for first-class quality, outstanding service and, above all, individual advice. Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Straelen on the Lower Rhine, the family-owned company is now the European market leader in direct sales of ice cream and frozen specialties, with 249 branches in 11 European countries. 4.1 million customers, 2.2 million of them in Germany, appreciate the complete frozen food chain and the excellent freshness as well as the guarantee of purity and taste. Sustainability, responsible use of natural resources and social commitment are important elements of the company’s philosophy.

For this reason, one of the tasks was to harmonize the countries, which requires correct data as well as uniform processes and procedures. Product communication in the food industry faces two key challenges: the need to provide country-specific declaration data by European food law, and the ever-increasing need for information on the part of customers. Allergens, nutritional values, ingredients, quality labels and more are all information that needs to be provided. In general, customers expect information to be provided quickly, completely, and in ever-improving quality – whether in catalogs, on the Internet, or during a personal consultation. This can only be guaranteed with a central database and clearly defined workflows.


A powerful trio: Creativity, data & technology – bofrost* produces a wide variety of print media every year, including various catalogs, presentation folders, product data sheets, nutritional brochures and product packaging, all of which provide customers with necessary and useful information about bofrost*products. Multiply this by the number of countries and foreign languages, including dialects, and the enormous production and publication volume for print media alone becomes clear.

The central task was therefore the introduction of a PIM system for the 11 bofrost*countries. Today, bofrost* relies on the PIM and DAM system of 4ALLPORTAL. Our implementation partner Laudert helped with the creation and maintenance of articles in the product development system. All product-relevant characteristics and fields from the product development system “Impact Buying” have to be maintained. 300 to 400 pieces of information per product have to be considered. All information relevant to the customer channels must be transferred into 4ALLPORTAL.

With the combination of PIM & DAM, we have been able to optimize key processes in the company.

In the course of the implementation of 4ALLPORTAL, 21 new PIM modules were created and essential core processes in the company were optimized. More than 130,000 images and assets as well as more than 400 badges, brand images and logos are stored in the DAM system and linked to the corresponding products to represent the more than 500 products per country in a total of 16 languages. In addition, more than 4,500 international recipes are available and can be retrieved to match the products.

Portrait von Thomas Borkowski
Thomas Borkowski
Projektmanager, bofrost*
Screenshot of user interface


With the introduction of the 4ALLPORTAL, bofrost* has adapted its working methods to the digital challenges. The advantages are numerous: Product information is immediately available and can be easily filtered. Seamless integration into all relevant sales channels enables efficient customer communication. Automated processes such as the provision of customer lists and packaging creation via the priint:suite save time and resources. Centralized recipe management ensures consistent service quality. In addition, the system's additional DAM functions enable the efficient management of brand and sub-brand information, product quality seals and certificates, as well as the central procurement of stock photos. With these innovations, bofrost* remains at the forefront of the frozen food industry and offers its customers first-class services.


Excellent collaboration and data management – bofrost* relies on connectivity. Among other things, the various customer service areas, such as the service center or the free nutrition consultation, are connected to the systems. However, one thing remains constant: customers do not want to do without the catalog - both in printed and digital form - and so it will continue to be the main medium at bofrost*. In the future, the offers will be prepared even more specifically for each target group to inform existing and new customers even better about the extensive range of products and services and to convince them of the quality of bofrost*products and services.

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