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How the 4ALLPORTAL All-in-One solution supports one of the most important design awards in the world

About Red Dot

Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG from Essen is responsible for the well-known and renowned design prize “Red Dot Design Award” and honors selected products and projects in the fields of product design, brand and communication design as well as design concepts every year. The company can be traced back to the Industrieform e.V. association founded in 1954. Even then, almost 600 industrial products from 120 companies were shown in an exhibition, which were selected by a twelve-member jury.

The company now employs around 50 people and looks after more than 5,000 submitted products from over 55 countries.

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Initial situation

The Red Dot team has to inspect and evaluate thousands of submitted products every year to determine the final award winners. The highly complex and multi-layered workflow associated with this was becoming increasingly time-consuming. Although specially developed software was used to map the workflow, each process step was characterized by high manual effort, e.g. in terms of data entry, checking mechanisms or coordination with the applicants for approvals.


The previous tool did not offer the Red Dot team a central working basis and no options for importing or exporting data records in a structured manner. Texts and images for the applications were always submitted by the customer in different formats and formatting.

Accordingly, each data record had to be prepared manually for different output channels and publications. These included print formats such as the Red Dot yearbooks or the exhibition in Red Dot museums around the world, as well as the showroom on the Red Dot website.

Feedback and approvals for the submitted data were displayed by e-mail and were extremely cumbersome due to the volume, which meant that correction loops often took an extremely long time.

In conjunction with the increasing number of applications every year, this process increasingly led to extreme effort and deadline pressure over time.


With the 4ALLPORTAL All-in-One Solution, Red Dot has found a scalable and flexible on-premise solution that helps the entire company to streamline the award workflow and significantly reduce manual effort in the process.

Every customer now receives a login to the 4ALLPORTAL, with limited access to their own data set. In this way, all texts and images can be uploaded intuitively via drag and drop. This avoids unnecessary e-mail traffic and uploads to third-party file hosts. 

Linked to this is an intelligent approval process that notifies the Red Dot team immediately as soon as a customer comments on or approves their data. In the same way, the Red Dot team can also provide correction instructions directly on the data set to ensure conformity with their own corporate design.


The new PIM module for the award ceremony has significantly reduced the workload on the Red Dot team and enables them to cope with the growing flood of entries for the Design Award without running into staffing bottlenecks or jeopardizing the deadline for the yearbook production.

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