Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a leading image-editing and prepress application developed by Adobe Inc. 

Users of Adobe Photoshop are familiar with the complications that can arise during day-to-day work with customers. No sooner is a design finished than the first revision comes, or the first request for a correction. The most common workflow among creative users is to rename the new file using a small suffix. 

But after a series of corrections, you soon end up with a number of files with ambiguous names like “filename_v6_web_edit_final.jpeg.” 

Bring order to the chaos of files with the 4ALLPORTAL DAM Photoshop connector 

This becomes a problem when, at some point, the wrong file is sent to the customer or (even worse) goes to press. 

With the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system, you avoid this sort of chaos among your files. The Adobe Photoshop connector extends the features of the 4ALLPORTAL and allows you to work with your assets faster than ever. 

The DAM Photoshop plug-in lets you open and edit assets in 4ALLPORTAL right in Photoshop. In the same step, you can decide whether the new file should be saved as a variant or version. The newly created asset is then automatically linked with the original file in the DAM and is even easier for you to locate from then on. 


  • Show content and links as a tree diagram 
  • InDesign files and links shown even for users without write permission 
  • Fast download of entire InDesign documents possible, including links
  • Export InDesign documents as printable PDF (including CMYK color profile)