Many companies use the popular cloud storage service Dropbox to share files internally and externally. They find it especially convenient for sharing large files like images and videos. In light of that, it seems natural to synchronize a media library with Dropbox, and we have therefore created the Dropbox connector for digital asset management. 

Dropbox integration for digital asset management: data exchange made easy 

The Dropbox plug-in for digital asset management enables bidirectional synchronization of files. It is therefore suitable for two scenarios, in particular: 

  • One-time data import from Dropbox to the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system (e.g., prior to go-live) 
  • Ongoing synchronization of data between Dropbox and the DAM system 

The Dropbox DAM connector is configured with just a few clicks. As soon as the connection is established, users can select the folders to incorporate into the DAM system. Any existing metadata is transferred as well. The synchronization of data can take place either automatically or whenever it is triggered manually. 

In practice, the integration with Dropbox entails multiple benefits for digital asset management. For example, the powerful search features of the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system, based on keywords and user-defined attributes, operates independently of the structures of your Dropbox and greatly simplifies the day-to-day work of your users. At the same time, you can use the file-sharing service to easily exchange files from your media library with external partners such as advertising agencies and service providers. 


  • Fast setup of the Dropbox connector 
  • Synchronize folders automatically or manually 
  • Use of powerful media database in combination with popular cloud storage service