Do you use the popular content management system Drupal to manage your website or online shop? There are good reasons to do so. The open source CMS Drupal has a rich assortment of features. There is also a large, active community that ensures the software is continually updated. And let’s not forget the flexibility and high security standards. But the Drupal CMS only develops its full potential when it can be supplied with media data directly and efficiently. This is where our Drupal connector for digital asset management comes in. 

Drupal integration for digital asset management (DAM): find and add assets without delay 

Our Drupal digital asset management plug-in gives you direct access to all the assets in your company right from the CMS. That saves you a great deal of time when placing elements on your websites. Laborious steps like manually searching and editing (e.g., scaling images) are eliminated entirely. The same applies to uploading and downloading files. Another benefit is that, when a media file is updated in the DAM system, it is immediately updated on your website too because of the Drupal connector. You can then be sure, without any manual intervention, that the current version of your images, videos and documents is always displayed. As you can see, a Drupal connector for digital asset management frees up a great deal of time for web designers and simultaneously ensures consistent, high-quality external communication. Last but not least, the Drupal-DAM integration also has the advantage that information like image title, alt attributes and image descriptions can also be transferred to the CMS. That’s a clear bonus with regard to search engine optimization (SEO). 


  • Import assets into the Drupal media management tools without delay 
  • Ensure that your website contains only approved and up-to-date media files 
  • Use automatic conversion and scaling for your images 
  • Use search-engine-optimized images without having to manually edit attributes