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this is how you benefit

  • Process automation 
  • Mapping of company-specific DAM workflows
  • Elimination of duplicate file entries in two systems 
  • Increased productivity in your teams 
  • Smooth processes in the content area
  • Bidirectional communication between JIRA and digital asset management

JIRA was created to help teams plan, track, and complete tasks more easily. In the process, the tool can be flexibly adapted to the needs of companies. These aspects make JIRA from ATLASSIAN attractive for teams involved in the management of digital content as well. This means that processes involved in managing digital assets must be integrated into JIRA. 4ALLPORTAL DAM has the right connectors in its portfolio. 

Here’s how JIRA integration for digital asset management works 

JIRA integration with 4ALLPORTAL DAM is bidirectional. To transfer information from the DAM system to JIRA, we use either Zapier or Workato. These platforms serve as “middlemen.” As soon as an event takes place in 4ALLPORTAL, it is first transmitted to Zapier or Workato. The “middleware” then contacts JIRA immediately so that a defined action can automatically be carried out here, such as notifying team members. 

We also use Zapier and Workato to handle the reverse information route (JIRA to 4ALLPORTAL DAM). The platforms forward the JIRA events to the DAM system via a REST API. A defined workflow can then be triggered there. Some examples of automated workflows of this kind include: 

  • Create data record (e.g. product information or task) 
  • Set status (metadata) 
  • Trigger the release of an asset 
  • Triggering the sharing of an asset 

Modularity and scalability

In short, we were impressed by the modularity and scalability with which you can work in the system.

Portrait von  Siegfried Schneider | Red Dot Design
Siegfried Schneider
CMO | Red Dot Design
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One DAM/MAM and many possibilities

Especially with the update to version 3.x, the interface is intuitive, simple and tidy. The system is easy to operate and administer. We use the system for a wholesaler in the organic/food sector to keep all product images for different output channels. The 4AllPortal feeds different systems with the assets and also serves as support for the production of fortnightly advertising.

Christian Lutz
Head of Portal Operations | Mediengruppe Oberfranken
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A solid DAM system

Simple handling and intuitive operation. The functions offered are extensive and can be expanded as needed. With the help of the search filters and import keywording, specific files and images can be found more quickly. The ability to select the file type and size of the image before downloading so that you don’t have to adjust the size down later in photo editing software is incredibly practical.

Portrait von  Pascal Monnerat | Click it
Pascal Monnerat
Media Consultant | Click it
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Best PIM/MAM system on the market

The 4ALLPORTAL is built on a clean system architecture that allows the system to be configured and extended according to your own requirements, while ensuring stability and performance. It is the only PIM system that has a detailed, role-, class- and device-specific UI to configure. It also integrates well via the REST API. Even complex automations are easily possible via Java Spring technology.

Portrait von  Hendrik Edzards | PIMWORKS
Hendrik Edzards
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Optimization for efficient workflows

At the end of the day I was most impressed by the software’s flexible customization options. They really helped me to optimize my workflows.

Matthew Patulski
Project Manager | Cyan Gate

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