Find, Manage, Share

The 4ALLPORTAL offers you and your team a central base for all your content, regardless of file format. Thanks to custom filter criteria and an AI-powered search, you can find any file in seconds, no matter where it is stored. 
This enables all employees to find content independently without having to click through numerous folder paths or ask coworkers for help with the search. 

Gestalte die Suche deiner Dateien einfacher Nutze die intelligente Suche vom 4ALLPORTAL um deine Dateien schneller zu finden

Find instead of search

While you have to invest a lot of time in traditional file organization to find a specific file, the 4ALLPORTAL gives you more freedom to be creative and work on your project. Thanks to customizable search filters, no file is more than a click away.  

Use and combine an unlimited number of your own keywords and metadata, search specific file paths or use the convenient All-in-One Search, which quickly and precisely scans your entire database. 

Benefit from the search function with many filters

AI-powered search features

The combined power of artificial intelligence makes your content even easier to find. Our built-in AI uses a mix of color, face and text recognition to organize files and make them easier to find. 

For example, you can retrieve a specific text based on the phrases it contains, find employee photos by name and get a stream of inspiration when you’re looking for themed stock photos for a new project. 

AI-supported search function of the 4ALLPORTAL

Organize and manage

Every company has its own preferences, so we give you the freedom to choose. Organize your content the way you like it: with keywords and metadata, folder directories or with the help of dynamic collections.  

There are no limits to your creativity. Whether item number, project name, persona, USP, customer or agency. Organize content more intuitively than ever before and use any information to make your content easy to find for your team. 

Organize video, images, documents with collections

Share and export

The 4ALLPORTAL offers you a versatile export function with integrated file conversion to avoid duplicates and the need to save your content multiple times in different file formats.  

This allows you to easily share even several gigabytes with colleagues and customers, to add your own watermarks and, of course, to freely determine the output formats. And all of this is brand-compliant with your own look and feel, including your own logos and colors. 

Export and share files Automatic profiles convert your file into your desired format at the touch of a button

How to revolutionize your file management


Mandatory fields

Are there keywords and tags you can’t work without? Each metadata field in the 4ALLPORTAL can be defined as a mandatory field.

Folder tags

In the 4ALLPORTAL you can attach fixed metadata and tags to a folder, which are automatically added to a file when it is uploaded.

Bulk Edit

Tagging individual files takes too much time? Thanks to bulk editing, you can add tags and metadata to up to 1,000 files at a time.

Custom data fields

Having standards is good. But we firmly believe that everyone should define their own standards. Therefore, you have full control over all metadata fields.

Custom search filters

We offer you maximized flexibility, i.e. customized search filters for each team that can be shared among departments.

Synonym dictionary

Looking for something but can’t find it? With our thesaurus you are on the secure side in case someone mistypes or uses a different spelling for search terms.

Full-text search

The full-text search allows you to search all documents in the 4ALLPORTAL using optical character recognition (OCR) based on the sentences, phrases and text fragments they contain.


Use suggested keywords and shorten the tagging process without compromising searchability.

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