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About Teekanne

TEEKANNE GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf, has stood for tea enjoyment of the highest quality and innovative strength for over 140 years: since the founding of the parent company R. Seelig & Hille in Dresden in 1882, TEEKANNE has made a decisive contribution to the development of the German and international tea market.

Inventions such as the tea bag packing machine and the globally popular double chamber bag are among the milestones in the company’s eventful history. Today, TEEKANNE is the market leader in the tea sector (source: NielsenIQ Market Track, basis: LEH + DM (incl. Aldi, Ostfriesland), basis: sales value MAT week 48/23) and gives the market important impulses with ever new flavors and tea blends.

The TEEKANNE Group is represented internationally with production facilities and branches in seven countries and has an extensive network of sales partners in many other countries. It employs 1,300 people worldwide. TEEKANNE has been making tea since 1882: from black tea to green and white tea, herbal and fruit teas to rooibos tea. At TEEKANNE, everything from the plant to the finished product comes from a single source.”

A globally active company quickly accumulates a huge flood of data consisting of images, graphics, texts, videos and artwork. All of this has to be organized, managed and structured.

All the teas from the range mixed together in a large cup.

The challenge

Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG faced challenges in managing and organizing its assets, as the company structure is local and each location works in its own sharepoint.
The decentralized structure meant that employees at the various locations were unaware of the existence of certain stock photos, for example, which in turn led to duplicate purchases and therefore unnecessary costs. The inability to access a central pool of resources also made collaboration and the flow of information more difficult.

A happy woman holding a refreshing iced tea from Teekanne in summer.

Many assets were sent by email, which required a time-consuming communication process to clarify usage. A shared image database was used for export, but this did not cover all the needs of the various locations.

In addition, retail companies that received data via GS1 could not be effectively integrated. This posed a further challenge for the company.

Teekanne wanted to proactively address these issues to increase the company’s efficiency and productivity. With our 4ALLPORTAL Digital Asset Management, Teekanne was able to fundamentally improve its asset management.

Manage access rights group-wide

What I really like is that we were able to customize the metadata for the Teekanne DAM according to our needs. This ensures that every user can search for data in a targeted manner according to their role and the associated access rights. We didn’t have this type of filter option for assets across the Group before.

Nadine Hackstein, Head of International Marketing and Sales Service

The customized DAM system from 4ALLPORTAL for Teekanne.


The 4ALLPORTAL is a central, digital hub for all branches of Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG and its trading partners. The customizable user management allows all users access within the scope of their respective activities and responsibilities. 

This means that each person can only see and edit the content that they should have access to. In combination with the approval traffic light, a user-friendly solution for digital rights management for stock photos and sensitive data has been integrated, which can also be scaled flexibly as demand increases.

In addition, an integration for GS1 data has been created so that retail companies can receive and use this product data more easily.

The Organics tea varieties, colorfully arranged, in different versions.


The result is time and cost savings, as well as a streamlining of general data management.

With the 4ALLPORTAL, Teekanne has found a modern solution for managing all its assets under one roof. Since implementing our DAM system, the company has been able to significantly increase its efficiency and productivity.

Teekanne also rates the cooperation with 4ALLPORTAL positively. Our employees have supported the company with questions and problems and contributed their expertise. All of this has helped Teekanne to fundamentally improve its asset management and eliminate the challenges associated with file searches.

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