You want to manage images, media and videos more efficiently? Then you need a DAM.

Do I need a DAM?

Embrace the digital transformation effortlessly by addressing the challenges of content management, collaboration, and copyright concerns. Discover how DAM software streamlines asset organization, distribution, and archiving for improved efficiency and seamless team collaboration.

Your Key-takeaways

  • Finally more time for day-to-day business
  • Annoying search for untraceable assets
  • Replace data silos with cross-departmental filing system
  • Highest data quality through duplicate cleansing and more
  • Enhance assets with metadata: License information, release status, keywords, image content, product information, and more
  • Simple and DSGVO-compliant file sharing thanks to eTicket
  • DAM becomes brand management software: Uniform brand presence  

Do I actually need a DAM System?

The Digital Transformation poses enormous challenges to companies. Not only are processes changing, the demand for digital contents is also growing unremittingly. Customers increasingly expect to see adapted, context-specific, high-quality content describing brands, products, and services. In addition, several channels need to be supplied with high-quality content on a regular basis.

The number of digital files in this scenario quickly reaches a level where you lose track. Finding content then becomes very laborious, images may be published in an incorrect version, or copyright infringements may be committed. Effective collaboration in (cross-company) teams also becomes very difficult.

DAM software can solve these and further problems by ordering, reconciling, and archiving your assets and assisting in their distribution. More and more companies are therefore already using such systems.

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